Glameow and Purugly

This normal type is our third-ever housecat pokemon after the Meowth and Skitty lines, and it's competent for what it is. It communicates its snooty, vain personality well enough.

Anyway, back when I reviewed Feebas, I mentioned how much I'd like to see an ostensibly "pretty" pokemon turn into something "ugly," and the comments exploded about Glameow. This really isn't what I meant, though. "Purugly" is still cutesy by most standards, and simply a whole lot fatter. In fact, its Japanese name only seems to reference its weight, and not necessarily any "ugliness." It's just a big, blobby, lazy, spoiled rotten tabby cat and apparently uses its split tail to clinch its own waist, making it appear larger when it bullies and intimidates other pokemon.

It definitely has a lot of charm and personality as far as these ordinary cat pokemon go.

Funny, pretty cute. Very accurate to many of the cats I've known.