Stunky and Skuntank

I'm glad I get to go straight from a regular cat to a pole cat. Isn't that just the cutest term? Somebody looked at a skunk once and they thought to themselves "that thing is like a cat, but it's also like a pole!" Hah!

Our first and still only skunk pokemon takes a rather obvious route by being a poison type, and I'm not complaining since I LOVE poison types, but honestly? I would have expected a skunk pokemon to go for some other element, like something that farts fireballs or thunderbolts. Pretty funny how Stunky's face looks like a butt, though.

So then we have Skuntank, and it's basically just a bigger, meaner, nastier Stunky, but that's cool. Did I mention the skunk is also DARK type? This is our first of two poison/dark pokemon lines in this generation, which is awesome, and reminds me of how the last gen had two totally different water/dark families and grass/dark families. Dark types sure come in a lot of pairs.

When you encounter Skuntank in-game, it makes a fart sound. Really!

While nothing too imaginative, the dark skunks are quite cool.