The Elemental Monkeys

Yeah, no, I ain't wasting separate pages on these, or even separate paragraphs. It's long been known that your chosen starter also serves as a kind of difficulty setting, depending on how weak your chosen starter is to the gyms you'll encounter, not to mention that your rival always picks its elemental counter. This time around, you're interestingly given a chance to pick another grass, fire or water pokemon to mitigate this a bit, but the pokemon in question are just these...monkeys.

The grass type Pansage and Simisage, the fire type Pansear and Simisear, and the water type Panpour and Simipour. Almost all the same monkey with a new hairstyle and color scheme, but none really as memorable or as interesting as any of the other monkeys we've seen before, like Primeape or Ambipom. Out of this entire generation, the elemental monkeys feel like the most underwhelming designs and concepts unless you really REALLY wanted as many monkeys as possible.

I never thought I'd say this in almost any context, but these are just too many monkeys.