Drilbur and Excadrill

The fifth generation's answer to Diglett is a ground/steel mole lacking that pokemon's abstracted fun, but for a mole pokemon that opts to actually look like a mole, it's not bad. Drilbur's got a cute, elongated nose and appropriately massive, menacing claws, and only could have been better if it had been a star-nosed mole, something I still hope to see from this franchise someday.

I'm not as big on Excadrill as its prevo, but you can see the design gimmick here; the claws and the "helmet" actually fit together to form one big, giant drill! I'm just not sure exactly how I feel about the "helmet" part; it might have flowed better if that blade were the pokemon's actual snout and upper jaw, rather than a separate piece from its entire head.

Acceptable and interesting moles.