Naturally, a generation so closely paralleling the first has to have a big, pink, adorable normal type, and Audino here basically fills in for Chansey. I'm not as big a fan of Audino as I am of Chansey, or I guess I should say my interpretation of Chansey as an axolotl (which I shall take to the grave), but the idea of a healing pokemon with superior hearing ability is an interesting one. The coiled "feelers" hanging from Audino's ears apparently work like stethoscopes, allowing it to read heartbeats or even the activity inside a pokemon egg. That's pretty neat!

Audino is also one of the few fifth-gen pokemon to get themselves a mega form, which is too bad. It's a decent one, modeled even more like a nurse, but I feel as though a lot of other 5th gen monsters warranted a mega form as well.

Cute, reasonably interesting counterpart to "Japan's" Chansey.