The Sewaddle Family

Ohh my god. Oh, my god. Are you KIDDING me. You think you can barge in here with a baby caterpillar this criminally cute like it's nothing, is that it? You complete and utter FINK???? How dare you. What can I even say about this caterpillar. What can anybody say about this caterpillar but high-pitched squealing of pure delight. You turn right around and get that OUTTA HERE.

W-what!? NO!!! I didn't mean it, Sewaddle!!! You didn't have to evolve into a sad, grumpy Swadloon and shut out the rest of the world! Everyone likes you! You deserve to like yourself!!!

After its awkward, antisocial teenage years, this grass/bug type finally emerges as Leavanny, back to being painfully cute with its beady little red eyes and simple, angular smile. It's a pleasingly insectoid bug type, not too anthropomorphised, even if I did admit to liking aspects of the weird people-faced bugs in their own special way.

Leavanny, however, has a problem with constantly getting mistaken for a completely different insect. Tons of fans seem to believe they're looking at a mantis here, but Leavanny is nothing of the sort!

Leavanny is lifted directly from Phasmids, or stick insects, in the family Phylliidae, or "leaf" insects. It's even got the perfectly round little head and false "bite marks" or "chewed" edges to its leaves! These gentle herbivores aren't even in the same order as the mantids, and Leavanny is a pokemon that nurtures other creatures by making them clothes out of foliage! Leavanny would never chew something's head off!

The only odd thing here is the fact that Leavanny evolves from a caterpillar at all. Many bug types have skipped the larval stages they ought to have - for instance, every single beetle up to this point - yet here, they've given one to an insect group that never has larvae.

Oh well.

You can't argue with cute.