Aw, man, do I gotta come up with words about this thing? I GUESS it's different enough to be sort of novel, but the design really doesn't do much for me. This is Alola's obligatory healing-based pokemon, which strings live flowers together along its nutritious vine and produces medicinal fragrances, or something.

A more educated person with a more nuanced website might also talk at length about how the Hawaiian lei was and still is an important cultural symbol to native islanders but has been so replicated as a kitschy souvenir for tourists that their discarded plastic fakes clog its garbage dumps and pollute its shores. This doesn't have a whole lot to do with Comfey, but I feel like most of Gamefreak's research into Hawaii might have consisted of a weekend vacation and a Lilo and Stitch marathon.

It's just not that exciting as a pokemon design.