Lechonk and Oinkologne

The first wild Pokemon in the Paldean dex is this normal-type pig, a roundish little guy with a big pink nose and yellow "eye gunk" kind of resembling eyelashes.

The Pokedex states that a Lechonk gives off an odor that repels bug types, so it's obvious this Pokemon is based on pig-shaped Japanese incense burners, which are typically used with mosquito repellant. Why it should want to repel bug types isn't elaborated upon however; it doesn't have any moves or abilities thet relate to bug typing, it's not weak to bug attacks, and there's no mention of any rivalry with any bug Pokemon. Maybe they compete for the same food source? I don't know, sounds to me like it might have been a fine excuse for a biting fly or even a new mosquito that isn't restricted to quasi-legendary ultrabeast status. This is a minor gripe of course, it's still a fairly cute piggy thingy.

Lechonk evolves into Oinkologne at level 18, and its form differs by gender, the male being black all over except for its intensely pink tail tip, hooves, nose and eyelids while The female keeps the grey and brown color scheme of Lechonk, with paler pink and a three-pronged tail. Both have more exaggerated eye-gunk lashes.

While the female is just supposed to have a calming, floral aroma, the male is described as having an intense natural "cologne" that supposedly charms female Pokemon. The male is consequently the first Pokemon to ever have the "Lingering Aroma" ability, which does nothing but overwrite the ability of any Pokemon it comes into contact with, mechanically similar to Cofagrigus's "mummy" ability.

This line is meant to be a fairly "ordinary" wild animal Pokemon without too extravagant a gimmick, and works well as the most straightforward, naturalistic porcine Pokemon we've ever had.

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I also think this is one of the better examples of realistic sexual dimorphism in Pokemon, because the female's color scheme is earthier and more drab, while the male, who performs all the courtship, has a much more intense palette. There aren't many mammals that exhibit this, but it's common in a lot of other animals including songbirds, various fish, reptiles and insects. I love when a Pokemon has such a realistic speculative adaptation, even when it's as small as a slightly more colorful pig.

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