Flutter Mane

HERE we go! This is the kind of thing these Paradox mons were meant for! Like Scream Tail, this is an alternate on an unevolved Pokemon design, in this case the beloved Misdreavus, and I know plenty of folks who were disappointed that the unique hairy banshee eventually evolved into just a Halloween witch. As someone who liked both Misdreavus and Mismagius, the ghost/fairy Paradox Misdreavus or Flutter Mane honestly blows Magius out of the water. It's got a Misdreavus base, but the lower fringe is now spikier, the eyes and the "necklace" are redder, and its locks of hair form into four feathery, backswept wings. It also has a crest of bright red spikes down the back of the head, which nicely complements the eyes, pearls, and some red marks on the fringe. I love the cool, pinkish purple feathers at the ends of the wings, and how oddly just one of the four wings is a bit lighter green, with some scaly feathery details at the border of this color shift. I just think it's really well done all around, really stylish, now coming across more like a ghostly "harpy!"

This time, the Pokedex says it has some "similar features" to a "ghostly pterosaur" in an old magazine, but admits that they have "little else in common." This feels a lot more believable than the others we've seen, a creature that's been misinterpreted as something else.

If you did love Misdreavus more than its evolution, you're also joined by none other than the designer of this Pokemon, Hitoshi Ariga, who cites Misdreavus as his #1 favorite! No wonder this just builds on it in such a cool way!

All Scarlet/Violet sprite animations ripped by adamsb0303!