In the previous beta leaks, some indistinct back sprites had been interpreted by the leakers as basically "sumo frogs." Turns out, that deduction was based on a little bit more evidence that they were still sorting through, and the new dump of sprites seems to clinch it; an early form of Politoed was indeed going to look more like some sort of wrestler or martial artist, with more of a battle-ready pose and a goofy topknot.

Cute, as all frogs tend to be, but I have to say I'm not too big a fan of it compared to the final design. Politoed is such a cutie that it really doesn't need to look like it's going to kick anybody's ass. It's not that kind of Pokemon! It's a lover, not a fighter! It irrigates crops and sings romantic serenades!

What I DO like a little more about the scrapped design, are the more realistic looking froggy eyes. It'd be nice if Toed's eyes protruded a little bit more and have those big, dark pupils, or if it had to have little pupils, they should've been shaped weird! Frogs have weird pupils sometimes and it's really great! I guess I'd have also kept the more prominent belly swirl, I don't know why polly tones that down so much.