By Jonathan Wojcik and Rev Storm


Today's monster is most interesting for its almost underwhelming simplicity, at least at a glance. Literally nothing but a greyish, metallic lump?! Just a metal blob? Not even taking a cool amoebic shape, but creeping around like a big, featureless gumdrop, but it does have some pretty odd lore to it.

"The Silver Tear makes mockery of life, reborn again and again into imitation. Perhaps, one day, it will be reborn a lord..."

These artificial beings seem closely tied to the albinaurics, and are capable of mimicking living organisms. There's even a boss battle against your own "Mimic Tear" copycat, Metal Mario style, after which the non-boss tears will start to pull the same trick. They can also sprout temporary weaponry even in their gumdrop form, a strange stinger-like pointed bulb. Others, meanwhile, roll around as perfect spheres and simply try to flatten you.

All varieties can sometimes drop the item, "larval tear," which has an interestingly more biological sort of shape; like a kidney with a few thin, tentacular strands and one tiny sucker-like orifice, or maybe like a curled up embryo with a sliced off umbilical cord?

The tears are most common in Nokron, a city said to have been "punished for high treason against the Greater Will," and is now inhabited almost exclusively by the mercurial globs. Disturbingly, the city is also littered with crusty, hardened "corpses" of the beings, some formed into huge, crudely humanoid shapes locked in prayer-like poses. You get the impression that the nearly mindless tears were created for divine purpose, turned on their creators, and still attempt hopelessly to commune with higher forces that may never recognize them as living beings.