Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



This digimon line is important to some major plot points in Tamers as well as the Adventure 02 movie, The Golden Digimentals, and if it looks familiar, it's because its first few stages are simply brown, multi-horned counterparts to Terriermon's line. Since we're judging as individual designs, these aren't going to get much different ratings.



"Chocolate" Gummymon with more horns. So-so!



The weird thing about Lopmon is that while it's intentionally a "sibling" species to Terriermon, it's actually described as a lagomorphic digimon. No wonder I was confused! Terriermon is a "dog" but Lopmon is a "rabbit," while both of them look basically the same. I guess it's because they're digital entities and not biological lifeforms with genetic evolution.

Unlike the snarkier Terriermon, Lopmon is also calm and timid, which only makes some of its evolutions all the creepier.



Lopmon's "correct" adult stage is, like Terriermon's, a goofy bunny thing in combat gear. Not terrible, but nothing remarkably new either, and not even used in the Tamers series!



What we do get to see a fair bit of is Lopmon's "dark" evolution, born from its anger and hatred in its film debut. It's named after a damn wendigo, the flesh-eating spirit of cannibalism and famine, though its similarities kind of end there.

It's an interesting design,too. It's a big, hulking, hairy, monstrous beast man but it doesn't look particularly like any one animal. It could still be a horribly distorted rabbit, or an evil poodly dog, or a little bit yeti or primate, who knows. It's just interesting that this horrible, murderous digimon comes from Terriermon's sweeter counterpart.



Lopmon continues to be a digimon of special significance when we find that its truest Perfect stage is one of twelve "deva" digimon, based both on zodiac animals and Buddhism's Twelve Heavenly Generals, which we'll continue to review over the next eleven pages.

The rabbit Deva Andiramon is a follower of Azulongmon, a data type digimon, and armed with a fairly terrifying attack. Converting its arms into axes it calls "bunny blades," any cut it makes on a digimon will just spread outward until the entire digimon has disintegrated.

You know, like the kind of blades a bunny does. Bunny blades.

The design isn't too bad, either. It's remarkably menacing with those peculiar proportions, and I like the scaly red armor of its midsection.

Andiramon, however, also has an "EVIL" form, which is almost exactly the same, but treated for some reason like a separate "form." I guess because it actually changes from data type to virus type.



Lopmon continues to be Kind of a Big Deal in the digital pantheon when it evolves into Cherubimon, considered one of the three highest ranking angel digimon alongside Ophanimon and Seraphimon, which you may remember as final evolutions to Angemon and Angewomon. Together, they symbolize the three angelic choirs in Christianity, the Cherubim being the guardians of God himself.

In appropriately celestial fashion, Cherubimon's design is both "heavenly" and a little unsettling. You can still see the rabbit aspect, but there's a really alien quality to the whole thing, with that disarmingly innocent "stuffed animal" face and huge, weird hands, not to mention the almost clown-like neck ruff.



Like every one of Lopmon's evolutionary stages, however, Cherubimon also gets an eviler counterpart, though ironically enough I feel that this isn't even half as scary looking as regular Cherubimon. The meaner eyes just don't leave anything to the imagination; Cherubimon had those horrible little beady doll eyes!

Still, I like that one of the mightiest angel digimon is this freaky-weird rabbit thing at all, and I like that it doesn't stray too far from that design when it goes bad.