Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



Finally, something REALLY decent! This is the "corrupted" form taken by the kid who goes on to become Loweemon, and of all these Armored Human Guys, Duskmon is pretty badass. You just can't go wrong with an eyeball motif on a suit of armor, right? And his hands are monster skulls with blood red blades in the mouths, like tongues! That's SUCH a cool weapon!



This thing is BOSS! Do people still say that? "Boss?" If not, Velgremon's bringing it back! Velgremon is a giant, horrible undead bird whose nickname in the digimon world is "Corpse Swallower," and Duskmon apparently loathes becoming this "uglier" and "more irrational" being.

Velgremon has a bit of that H.R. Giger quality we once enjoyed almost exclusively from insect Digimon, a kickass spinal column tail, a three-eyed pterosaur head and additional reptilian skulls for shoulder blades, overall bringing to mind some alternative, zombified take on Ridley from the Metroid universe. Absolutely the coolest bird-like digimon and one of their coolest villain concepts, NO contest. I love the whole idea of a being that shifts between sinister eyeball-skull-knight and rotten carrion bird. TOO METAL.

The hero designs in this season are some real stinkers if you ask me, but as is so often the case in countless works of entertainment, it looks like it's ironically the villains to the rescue. Am I just biased towards evil digimon? I don't think so, given that the main hero digimon of the first anime series were at least as cool looking, grody and terrifying as any of these upcoming bastards.