Written by Jonathan Wojcik with the aid of With the Will, Digimon Wiki and Wikimon



Yep, this little water nymph, looking like some Legend of Zelda NPC, is another one of Fusion's villains, and feels like a pretty appropriate followup to yesterday's Grumblemon. It's not a really interesting design, but it's an interestingly unconventional choice for one of the evil ones, and one of her main abilities is to "dissolve her enemy completely with acid rain." That's at least amusingly nasty! Despite not morphing from a human child, however, Ranamon gives a pretty kid-like impression, so certain aspects of her design are a little creepy. Setting that aside, I'll give her a two just for the "asshole water sprite" concept.



As always, however, the real treat is this villain's more monstrous counterpart, ambiguously either the "truer" form or a completely separate character they can swap themselves out for, but I REALLY wish this one was also considered an Ultimate stage, so a giant krakenmaid could have been the final evolution for such digimon as Octomon or Dagomon. I love those multiple eyes encircling the mantle, and when the humanoid body retracts inside (which it does!) the "helmet" basically becomes the squid's beak. That is SUCH a neat design gimmick! This is just the kind of beastliness missing from all those other "sexy lady" digimon now cluttering the franchise, which puts her in a truly monstrous monster-woman niche shared almost solely by Arukenimon.

Also, while not resembling any one specific demon from the series, this is another character design that feels pretty firmly rooted in the same aesthetic sensibilities as Devilman.