Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Nightmare Beings: Part Three

Another round of monsters based on some of your nightmare posts!


Yet another television-dwelling nightmare monster, and one especially reminiscent of Hit me Hit me Hit me, both for its abstract organic appearance and ridiculous, yet inexplicably terrifying nonsense dialog. What do these fleshballs want from us? What do their shrieks of baby talk mean?

Moon Man

The commenter drew their own version of this monster, and it wasn't very different from what immediately came to mind. I love the idea of an alien being which, from a distance, can be mistaken for an astronaut. Beyond the monster itself, the dream's sequence of events and finale are just spine-tingling.

Ogre, Ogre

I don't have a great deal to say about this one, but it was posted last year and really stuck out in my memory. I couldn't come close to drawing how horibble the mud-face actually looks in my imagination. I, too, have also had childhood dreams involving incorrect interpretations of human innards.

Nosey Woman

This is another example of how something can be scarier the sillier it is. I have absolutely never seen a mainstream horror movie capture this kind of cartoon dream-logic, and that's a shame, because this kind of thing is the stuff of...well...not good dreams. I can't help imagining a silly sound effect as the nose continues stretching around corners and down hallways, like a continuous slide whistle or something, which makes it even worse.

Window Horse

A fascinating monster in a fascinating environment. The mouth-flower at the beginning also sounds pretty cool. This sort of convoluted "boss battle" sort of dream is fairly familiar to me, knowing there's some frustrating set of rules to dealing with a creature or hazard, though oftentimes, my dream-self will begin to question the logic of the situation, and that in itself usually destroys whatever was actually protecting me from harm. If I'd had this one, I would have started to worry whether the screens really hid me at all, and then it'd be all over.

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