Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Nightmare Beings: Part Four

Another round of monsters based on some of your nightmare posts!

Gravel Toad

This is the third nightmare monster to have a toad-like form. Coincidence? I guess, but it's an awfully specific animal to have appeared so often after cats, dogs, birds and bugs. It's also the second toad to have crawled out of a household appliance. I love the visual of its big conical head, and I'm always a sucker for things with just one eye on one side of their face.

Rat Man

Everything about this dream is pleasingly hideous, from the multiplying, filthy dogs to the fact that their rat leader looks more like a bad mascot costume, but the icing on the cake is his threat. It's a pretty damn effective one. If he's willing to carve himself open just for dramatic effect, what's he gonna do to you? Maybe he chops people up and mixes them up with dog parts. Maybe that's where some of the dogs came from.

Urine Homunculus

This nightmare comes to us from the same person who wrote some of our first winning creepypasta, and pretty twisted ones at that. This entity's description is incredibly menacing for something with such a gross and ridiculous purpose, and then there's the implied defecation monster...what would that be? An elephant skull with a colon trunk? Aw crap, I just had a new monster idea...

Large Marge

Large Marge is a classic, famous moment of childhood terror from Pee Wee's Big Adventure, but she was definitely not a boil-headed blob with a barfing umbilical worm and entrail conveyer system. The nauseating body horror is a perfect climax to this thing's appearance, and I wouldn't expect it to do anything else to human victims. This is easily one of the most screwed-up nightmare beings I've ever heard of, but I keep saying that all over again when I go through your stories.

Case in point...


I....I just...are you okay Phosphenes??

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