Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Nightmare Beings: Part Five

Another round of monsters based on some of your nightmare posts!


This is one of the simplest designs of almost all the monsters I've illustrated, but it struck me as one of the most charmingly absurd and still fairly terrifying.

Royal Frog

This makes four frog or toad-like nightmare beings, and the second one who wears an outfit from some sort of Medieval court. It's almost like a bunch of bizarre, twisted frogs have a whole empire that exists only in human nightmares.


This is a long, but rewarding two-parter, and I'm left wondering what Muriel might have looked like if she went on adapting and changing. I'm also left wondering exactly what something with this anatomy was going to do with that particular hygiene product.

Mallet Man

I noticed quite a few people described nightmare entities with mouths like gulper eels. They must leave a pretty unsettling impression on the subconscious...or maybe people are remembering Unagi from Mario 64.

I love this guy's dialog.

Jesus Christ

That is both what we call this monster and the only proportionate reaction to this nightmare. This is it. This is the single most horrifying dream I've ever heard. I didn't think it could get more bent than the pseudo-chicken or Bram but here we are. I think the flute music is honestly the second worst part. The very worst part is just how we're all left wondering why.

Congrats, Dustpan, if this had been a contest, you would have won. Maybe I should have made it a contest.

Actually, there were easily a hundred more nightmare-beings you guys posted that I'd have loved to draw if I had that kind of time, and maybe I'll still do some more of them when I get the chance.

In fact, maybe I should even get some other artists to help out, and make this a way bigger feature next year.

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