Friday the 13th:
A Preview of Placid Knoll

It's Friday the 13th, October 2017, and it'll be something like five or six years before we get another of those. I'll be almost in my forties by then.

I really wanted to do something extra special for this prestigious event, and spent much of September fussing extensively over an interactive fiction concept without actually getting myself to sit down and work on it. I probably sat down with the intention of working on it each and every single day, only to muster the mental energy just two or three times.

The result is a game about 5-10% finished, with minimal branching, few variables and no ending just yet, but you can at least play that below, in your browser. If people like the idea enough so far, I'll keep working on it in November and December while everyone is doing this year's creepypastas....