Written by Jonathan Wojcik



We've seen a dragon transform into a goosefish, a golem into a dinosaur-shaped tree and an efreet into a giant crab claw...so what does this game have in store for Freya the Succubus? Oh boy.


Here she is, the default un-evolved succubus, looking like more or less any succubus you might see in a fantasy RPG or anime. We can assume that, like other succubussesses, she's always into having a sexy good time, but how good a time we're actually talking about is going to differ fairly wildly once she starts evolving.

As we did last time, we'll cover the four most powerful forms first. Despite being 90% human, Aestra Yoga is pretty cool and surprisingly scary. She has hands that subtly taper into what are probably very sharp claws, some sort of gliding membrane under her arms, and human faces for breasts. This feels like a combination of traits you would see in an authentic mythological demon.

I accidentally included this at some point as a dragon evolution before I fixed it, so a few of you already saw my opinions on this one; this flabby, veiny creature is remarkably disturbing, and looks a lot like she would wield some sort of sonic scream attack.

I don't know what's supposed to be going on with this one exactly; it seems to be a naked women with a mass of scaly alien flesh and long, thin tentacles growing out of her head and back. I wish the ultimate forms hadn't included two that look so human, but I do like the visual effect of this design on its own merits.

The farthest ultimate form from regular Freya is definitely very cool, the upmteenth attempt by this game to do something like Giger's xenomorph, and I like that the mouth is just a clump of tissue with a dangling tendril. I will say however that, as usual, we are going to see MUCH more creative and striking than this or any of these "greatest" evolutions.

...Like BALK! Wow. Balk. A lumpy bat-winged mass with a big ball of brainlike tissue for a booty it is no doubt quite adept at shaking. Please, whatever you do, don't forget that everything we are about to see is a "succubus" and therefore technically a demon that specializes in seduction. It's important.

I almost overlooked Brascas as just another of this game's many statue-like quasihumanoids, but then I noticed she was fondling her own long, cylindrical, metallic looking breasts. Whatever floats your boat, Brascas.

WHAT is that. What is that. What. What. She's like a melting manta ray with a hand of cards for a tail and tusks on her stomach.

And a...shaft...reaching up from her waist-like-area and into its little human mouth. What, uh, ever floats your boat, Burnigrom.

Nothing naughty this time, but a cool and lethal looking bird creature with an arrangement of feathers almost more like the fins and tail of a big fish. I like that bony pterosaur-like head on her!

This one makes me think of so many legendary creatures at once, like Pan or Krampus or even, somehow, the Chupacabra, but doesn't really look anything like any of them. It's just a horrible, fleshy humanoid with a goat-rabbit face and what appears to be extremely profuse slobber.

Oh man, YES! GOOD STUFF! Mass of putty-flesh with at least eight bony limbs protruding at random angles? Moaning head on the end of a neck going entirely the wrong direction?? Top notch! It even has a notch on top so you KNOW!

This bears some similarity to Miseris, with a solid mass for "hair" that terminates in a bunch of tentacles, but Evil Breath is also covered in weird, gnarled skin and has at least four breasts. It also looks like she's gesturing for the viewer to come on over already and quit being a wuss about her evil breath. Like you're even all that yourself.

Okay, maybe the evil breath really was too much, but maybe Falberion's breath is cool and minty? It's just everything else on her that's evil, this time. That gold head, or perhaps mask, is pretty ominous on an entirely grey, distorted monster bod.

I don't know what's even going on with the face on Fandskeet here. Is that a mouth? A big umbrella-like funnel used to vacuum up her prey? Are the red things a bunch of eyes? This one really has the feel of an alien animal species, and not the slightest hint of humanoid demoness.

CREEPY. They really put some effort into making this big, mutant fetus look all slimy and wet. The kind of person who could be seduced by this succubus is definitely the kind of person who 100% deserves to be ripped apart from the inside by tentacles, I gotta say. I like how the skin tone is highlighted with yellow-green, just to make it look extra sickly.

Cute! She's like a demonic anteater-snail-o-pus! She even has an anteater's little hook-like claws! I know we referred to other monsters as "it" up to this page, but Freya is this game's only explicitly female PC, and therefore we've been given a rare excuse to canonically refer to a bunch of tentacle-faced demons as female. That's an opportunity I can't possibly pass up.

Maybe you almost brushed Gamedononz off as just a blue pterodactyl, but look closer! She's eyeless, she's got a pelican-like throat pouch, she's got the webbed feet of a sea bird, and her left "wing" is just a big, curved hook, or possibly even a tentacle. She probably can't fly, or even swim too well, but I appreciate this aesthetic quite a bit.

I don't know what that name means, but this is a pretty alarming horror. Her face is like a marble statue, but growing from a veiny green serpentine neck in a most unsettling fashion. The gradient of her membranous wings seems to imply she can shift between stone and flesh, and than she's got that wicked little hook on the end of a very, very powerful-looking tail!

What's even going on here!? This green, flabby lump of a monster appears to have a sad little face on its front, but it also has a spotted, eel-like "neck" and "head" coming out of her back, with a whisker-lined mouth that reminds me most of all of a hagfish. Actually, is that supposed to be coiled around the more humanoid-looking part? Is that what we're seeing? I don't know!

What a fun name for this colorful ape-bird-frog! This is another one with a "real mythology" feel, even if she doesn't actually originate from such. I could definitely see this as some obscure goddess or demon from an ancient civilization.

Hark...light? A tiny nodule on the end of this thing's tail does appear to be illuminated. The rest is a sort of segmented, wrinkled pig-creature with bony legs, a drooling purple corpse head, wild punk hair and...oh. Oh. Those are...alrighty. You know they don't emphasize a row of teats on a fictional creature design if it isn't important to the creature's theme or special powers. This is absolutely a monster that intends to use her rows of teats before the day's end.

A somewhat reptilian, somewhat arthropod-like creature, with a big green carapace sprouting from the back of her almost canine head and a fat, long, awful red tongue! The fact that the arms on such a thing are so human shaped really goes a long way to making this organism creepier.

I love that this is just named "head rag," unless we're supposed to pronounce it like "head drag," which I'd also love. This game's creature designer(s?) really had a knack for spooky, spooky demihumans, and everything about this being's proportions and shape would already be unsettling even with only the single dangling head in the front. Giving her at least four or five more is just the icing on the cake, and it's the normalcy of the faces that really make the whole entity downright spine-tingling.

I do not thing I like whatever I'm supposed to be seeing here, but I say that as high praise. The head is almost camel-like or manatee-like to me, which is all the more unsettling with those big batlike wings and segmented, purple tail, but just WHAT is happening in her lower reaches!? It looks like there's a whole other body down there, trapped dangling in a thin membrane of flesh.

Oh damn this one is AWESOME. The intense red eyes, the salamander-like head, the fact that it would look mostly harmless if not for the ring of colorful, crab-like limbs surrounding its mouth. She is magnificent.

...And so is INCEPTARK! Two great hits in a row! If you're tired of "what's going on here" as a phrase or variations thereof, well, too bad, because it's exactly what I love about so many of these designs. INCEPTARK might not be so confusing without whatever that yam-like, tentacled growth is coming out of her chest or chin area, but even without it, you've got this spindly, eyeless, maniacally dancing creature with only goofy upper teeth in its big ol' smile!

She's just so happy. So happy to show you, and only you, exactly what that thingy actually is and what it does. You can't wait I'll bet!

A subtler creepiness here, a humanoid figure seemingly wrapped in big, pulsing knots of yellow flesh. The arms and legs look strangely like "gloves" and "boots," too, and why is she pointing like that?

From the name to the design, this feels like some ultra-minor background alien from a Star Wars film. I really like the head tapering off into a wormlike "tail," but that she still has a separate, purple abdomen with a hooked ovipositor. We've also got a gooey tentacle face and serene, froggy eyes. You could call that a Cthulhu-like head, I suppose, but you shouldn't.

Love this flying ghoul. The taught, veiny flesh and the single claw on each limb really lends an unnatural feel to her, and that balding, subtly skeletal head is straight out of classic youkai spirits!

A very, very fun name to say, and a very fascinating design. She looks like she might have almost been a humanoid creature, but that half off her has been blown clean off or even melted away, revealing her pus-colored innards. The fact that there appears to be a single eye where a "head" might have attached, however, indicates we're seeing her complete and natural anatomy.

I like how just a few of these suddenly remember this was once a naked devil lady, so the artist was like "oh yeah, fanservice, right?" and thus we have a gnarled, alien mutant with a significant amount of attention poured into illustrating her butt cheeks.

How to even describe this?! It's a lumpy, veiny, fleshy pink...long thing...with the impression of a human face on the end, or perhaps pressing from the other side of its thin skin. Then it's got a bunch of blood-red, clawed limbs and whatever those little pale hooks are supposed to be. I don't think I'm comfortable looking at any part of this.

I like how that is almost a humanlike name, almost. I also like how this it's possible to read either end of this creature as the front or back, so she's either got a bunch of spidery legs and a pointed earthworm face, supporting herself on her upper arms, or she's got a curled-up wormy tail and a big clawed hand-head, teetering around on her spindly back legs. In any case, she is clearly enrapturing.

MILLION FRAG! What a name! Like this one is seriously going to wreck your shit...a MILLION TIMES! She seriously looks like she could, too, with a total of ten sicke-like claws and a giant earwig-like tail with another pair of blades on the end. The whole shape of her is also really interesting, with a featureless nub of a "head" and seven spider-like eyes on her big, burly monster chest, unless we read that as her head, and there does appear to be a little, toothless mouth under those eyes.

NOICE! Another naked lady monster with weird skin, but this one also looks like she's got a fanged, demonic face, and that scaly cranial growth is almost shaped like a big bishop hat. Combined with the scaly fairy wings, she kinda feels like some kind of blasphemous church-monster, perhaps recently disguised as a member of the clergy.

More Gigerism and pure, raw menace, with terrifying toothy gums and what appears very strongly to be eyes on her arms, or rather "flippers" I guess! That's Erin for you! NASTY Erin, they call her!

Not as remarkable as other monsters here, but only because of the high standards we've been given. Thrust this eyeless flying frog-thing into any other game and she'd probably stand out as one of its most memorable foes...but she's NOT a foe! She's one of YOUR guys!!! God I wish these games had been fun enough to play that the series kept going, and kept upholding this kind of design standard. Right now, as we speak, we could have all been controlling a succubus shaped like a big beefy blind toad in realistic 3-d graphics. We really are in the wrong timeline here.

We actually shouldn't say this monster's name here, suffice to say that the second half of it rhymes with "crepe." The first half, for some reason, is "nu," but that's less relevant. I guess this design was supposed to be evocative of some kind of grisly hentai scenario, but the "victim" and the "monster" are clearly still part of the same organism, and this is still just another mutation of our good friend Freya the Succubus, so, again, whatever floats your boat, ya weirdo... or maybe this is simply a form that entices would-be heroes to come to the rescue? Tasty, tasty heroes!

Is that like "Cornish Hen?" This is one fine arthropod, even if she only has six furry spider-like limbs. The rest of her is more like a segmented tick, and then she has that thing for a mouth, like an organic metal detector. I'm going to assume there might be a lamprey-like maw on the opposite side of that thing, or maybe it's just a corrosive sponge, like a fly!

How do you pronounce that? Did I actually just typo the filename when I saved it?? Whatever you call her, this is truly unlike almost anything I've ever seen before, very slightly shaped like some sort of pot-bellied, flightless, penguin-like bird-thing, but clearly more of a chitinous arthropod! This is better speculative biology than I've seen in even hard science fiction; I can totally believe this existing on some other world, completely unrelated to the evolution of our own animal life.

What is it that makes this one so eerie? For one, we've got another basically human shaped body, but almost totally disguised by that bizarre head and arrangement of eerily white feathers. She's like an extremely weird take on a harpy, and the crescend back of her head appears to fuse with her spine right where her ass begins...though her bird tail would appear to be attached in entirely the wrong place, too.

This NAAAME! What!! AND this design! I sincerely cannot tell what I am looking at and that is once again a good thing, but on very close inspection, POGMAHASHIMDER appears to be hiding yet another "sexy" humanoid figure. That does appear to be another humanoid posterior thrust up in the air to our upper right, legs terminating in gnarled, pulpy, tapering brown flesh, the whole thing wrapped in root-like veins. Instead of a head, the figure has at least three veiny "petals" from which a pair of arms and some more ambiguous tissues are emerging! She really could have used more than one color, but the uniform brown may have been a deliberate choice to evoke something woody and dead.

This may very well be the most conventional option since the original Freya, but we've discussed before how that's kind of obligatory. Every one of these monsters has had at least one evolution that still feels like a "stock" take on their species, and that's fine! At least Purineas's tail appears to have its own rad fangs!

Another all-brown thing that takes some time to parse, but once you do, you're rewarded with a sort of tapered insect creature standing on two long, bony legs with a curled-up, sharpened tail. A sleek and deadly looking gal!


Another pretty murderous looking succubus, with lots of very long, very sharp bits and no discernible head or face. This kind of design is almost getting old, at this point, but again...it would still be impressive by the standards of almost any other series!

Oh NICE! NICE!!! From the name we can presume this is a plant-based 'bus, but she looks more like a bunch of mucky goop, more like something that would be fungal or algal in nature. Love her big sluglike lower body, the knot of spikes she has for a tail, the muscular arms and the face that's just one slick, melted mask of goo. Then of course there are the boobuses, which I really don't mind on monsters at all. Especially not when the rest of the monster is so badass and nightmarish. Seed Macanteil struts her stuff, reels 'em in, quadruple suplexes them to death and uses whatever's left to fertilize a lovingly tended greenhouse. Obviously.

RAD! Love that veiny, weird green rump, exposed arm tendons and a head that just terminates into a long hook. Is that black line a mouth, by the way? Please tell me this whatsit has a dopey smile across her eyeless face.

Snuhnorghtagehktt might be one of the cutest succubus forms, I mean, look at that little face! It's like some dopey little Dragonite kinda face! A sweet little dinosaur with beady little eyes! But then that face continues into a swept-back alien skull, and she walks on a pair of arms with a long, gnarled tail and a pair of very long, very coily blue tentacles emerging from what seem to be their own little storage pods where upper limbs should be. Wildly unique!

One last monster with a stony-looking exterior, this time boasting an almost equine neck and ears, small batlike wings, a long, sharp beard, and they still found room for what appear to be wubblies. How many monsters on this page have those, now? Definitely more than we've possibly ever seen in one monster review, and yet, they far outnumber the total of monsters that look at all human. That is an ACHIEVEMENT.

Duuuuuuude this one's KILLER! She's become some sort of gnarled, writhing swamp monster, like Man-Thing but with tangled roots for legs and a face that eerily tapers into just one long trunk! Love those beady little white eyes! The only oddity here is that perfectly straight, pale grey appendage on the right. It's a little awkward looking and difficult to read, but I think perhaps it's meant to be a straight, sharp blade. She's a gnarled rooty swamp monster with a built in sword.

This...whoa. This...what? Kind of a blobby purple polyp with a couple of random green lizard arms? And what appears to be a tiny little green human face surrounded by big, flapping petal-like outgrowths. This is by far the MOST "what am I looking at" of all Freya's forms and I am loving it. You look GREAT, Freya. You always look great, but this! Oh man! THIS is a night-on-the-town look!

OH MAN, is this the one!? Is this my favorite? I think this is my favorite, designwise, but all of the succubi are so cool that I don't even need to save my favorites for the very end this time. UMBER DRUG looks like some more coherent monster was literally just crushed at some point, a splattered pile of flesh with only one recognizable arm, a few exposed guts and one long, whiplike tongue emerging from what's left of a mouth. For some reason I want to say those teeth are part of an "upper" jaw, and the whole creature actually lies on her "back" this way, but she's still valid if that's a huge, giant underbite. What I'm not sure I'm ready to ponder is how this one might qualify as seductive, because if we go there, and it looks like we are now, she kinda looks like she evolved to be sat on.

I'm sorry.

Not really though.