Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Things we saw at 2CS 2019!

You didn't think we were all done talking about Halloween stuff from this year, did you?! Every October, the town of St. Helens, Oregon goes all-out for Halloween, because it was actually the filming location of the cult Disney Channel movie "Halloweentown!" Just look at this AMAZING statue they had up this year!

Many St. Helens businesses dress themselves up for the occasion, like this flower shop's particularly stellar contribution, but our favorite thing there is always the antique mall, 2Cs, which is kind of packed with spooky weirdness all year round!

2Cs is in fact gigantic, with about three or four levels and multiple side rooms packed floor to ceiling with strange collectibles and unique artwork sold by the entire surrounding community, so it's easy to spend almost an entire day picking through it. Discussing everything of interest would probably be downright impossible, but this is my personal Favorites List for the Halloweenest items you could find there this past October...