Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Bogleech.com's Spooky Door Trick or Treat Quest!


"Hey there, been a while! Unless of course you just recently visited The Spookiest House in the World, in which case...ugh, you again already?! Well, whatever.

As of October 13, 2019, there are now Spooky Doors scattered around this stupid "webbedsight," whatever that is, specifically on what I'm told are "past Halloween posts."

Every door contains somethingone who'll offer a "treat," which is usually going to be an internet video because we don't have any way to hand-deliver bags of peanut butter cups and rubber bugs through wi-fi. More importantly, every door is going to provide multiple clues to which past article houses the next door.

ROUND ONE will consist of eight doors, allowing us to judge how easily people solve the clues before we put up the remaining. When all of the doors have been uploaded, the first person to find all of them and send a complete list of their locations to bogleech@hotmail.com will win a weird, cheap trophy!

So, here are your clues for the first door, and this is the easiest one:

It's on another 2019 post.

It includes at least one carnivorous plant and one pumpkin creature.

Everything costs too much.