Review the more in-depth details of our 2020 costume contest HERE! The final guidelines are as follows:

- Your costume should be as "homemade" as possible. If it incorporates a mask, try to avoid store bought monster masks unless you're using them as part of an original concept! An automatic exception is the use of human or animal skull masks, gas masks or other "public domain" face coverings.

- Feel free to fully embrace obvious paper mache and other "imperfection."

- Try to design something that comes across as a strange or haunting "creature," avoid copyrighted characters or real world references!

- Unique recognition will go to anyone whose wearable costume does not even look humanoid!

- Depending on volume, many or even all (work-safe) costumes may appear in a gallery on this website.

- Get your photos to me by HALLOWEEN ITSELF at the latest! The results will go up in November.

We've decided that an "entry form" isn't really necessary; all you have to do is send your pictures to my email. That's: !!!