Let's Try Desperately to Describe "Scarlet Nexus" Monsters With Words: Part Two


PROFILE:"A Pound with the ability to spit out a smoke screen. It normally floats randomly on the wind, but when it finds prey, it single-mindedly hunts by obscuring the field of vision with a smoke screen and attacking from a distance with fire projectiles. However, perhaps from the effects of spitting the smoke screen, the organ on top becomes brittle when it is hiding. If you have clairvoyance, you can nullify the smoke screen to find it and attack."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: So this creature, basic among the "Pound" family of enemies, looks like a cubical metal cage. The cage is filled with some sort of soft, cloth bag, like a pillowcase, with a floral pattern and a grinning, red-lipped mouth on each face. Flaring out from the bottom of the cage is a blue, fabric "skirt" with a string of pearls of beads hanging from its edge, and under the skirt is the rest of the creature's body, which consists of four dark, grimy looking humn arms and a segmented tail. Though not obvious from this artwork, the tail actually seems to end in a hand, but it's covered over by a sock and animates like a sock puppet; like that's the creature's actual "mouth." Another detail not visible here is that the top of the cage is open, and the cloth sac pulses in and out as it belches the creature's smokescreen.

OPINION: Very cool and eerie, the sock puppet tail-mouth is my favorite touch but I also love the creature producing vapor from a saclike fabric "organ." There's just something really eerie about that!


PROFILE:"A Pound with the ability to shoot fire projectiles. It will regularly use the slight breeze around itself to float in a fixed position in the air. If a lack of wind persists, it will focus solely on trying to float, even forgetting to eat and perishing because of it. It mainly hunts by launching fire projectiles from a distance, but isn't helpless up close, and attacks by spinning its body. The outer shell of its head is incredibly solid, but if you can break it by slamming it with objects using psychokinesis or duplication, the weak point inside will be revealed."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: This is a bit easier, because this creature has almost the same exact anatomy as the Missin Pound, except that the mesh cage has been replaced with a bunch of hexagonal metal weights completely covering the underlying pillow-sack-thing. It also has two panels of the mesh cage below the "skirt" in this artwork, showing that the cage has a metal hook at each corner; these were less visible on Missin Pound. As the description mentions, the weights on Cushion Pound can be knocked off; this reveals its brain-like green cushion, lacking mouths but bearing several five-pointed, yellow flowers.

OPINION: I'm not sure which of these first two pounds I like more, honestly. The brainy look of Cushion is weird in a whole different way. Both, however, recall some of the finest Silent Hill enemies, even moreso than a lot of other creatures in this game.


PROFILE:"A three-headed Pound that sings. It is protected by the cage on its lower half. When prey comes near, the song it sings starts a self destruct countdown and it blows up with its prey. There are reports of it exploding suddenly without a song if it has been without prey for a long period. The song can't be stopped once it has started, but th explosion can be endured with sclerokinesis or avoided using invisibility or teleportation. Defeating it with hypervelocity before it can self destruct, or making it explode by combining pyrokinesis and psychokinesis attacks are also effective strategies. It isn't difficult to deal with if you are informed and keep a cool head."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: This pound has its entire cage under the "skirt," like someone draped a nice tablecloth over a dog crate. The fabric bag on top is flanked by a couple rows of antler-like branches, and it has no arms or tail like the others, but if you look closely, it has three mannequin-like humanoid heads upside-down within its cage, the heads it "sings" with.

OPINION: Monsters that explode can be interesting and all, but it feels almost like a waste when that's genuinely ALL an elaborate creature really does. At least give them the power to re-form, or something??


PROFILE:"A Rut that stores oil inside a solid exterior shell. The inside is formed like a wheel. It has the destructive habit of occasionally dashing around and scattering the trash that Plateau Pendu pile up. It hunts by keeping its distance from prey, curtailing movement with sprays of oil, and finishing it off without allowing a counterattack. Its long-distance attacks can be troublesome, but aiming to break the outer shell by using psychokinesis or duplication to slam objects into it is extremely effective. This will allow access to the brittle, vulnerable interior. The organ in the center of its body is especially brittle, making it a weak point."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: The "Rut" appears at first like a sort of upside down, U-shaped metal canister, etched with a fine pattern of waving, spiraling lines. On top of it is an old brass grammaphone. Protruding horizontally through the contraption are bars kind of like curtain rods, and at the bottom of the open shell, we can see what looks like a snake eating its own tail.


The metal casing can also be destroyed in combat, revealing the bare wheel mechanism, snake and all, with a central core or heart that appears to be a bisected fig.

OPINION: You would think the ouroboros snake part is the wheel that spins, but if you look at the artwork, you'll notice the snakes aren't complete! Severed snake heads, biting severed snake tails, are only part of the wheel. Hm. I might have really liked if it used just a whole tail-biting snake like a bicycle tire. That would make sense! Still pretty neat, and you can't get bored of saying the phrase "RAT RUT."


PROFILE:"A Rut that stores water inside a solid exterior shell. There is an organ inside that resembles a snake eating its tail that acts like a wheel. The snake has been observed to release the tail when it eats, breaking the wheel. It specializes in ranged atacks, spraying water at its prey from above. It fears almost nothing when protected by its outer shell and never ceases attacking. It is recommended to use psychokinesis or duplication to break the outer shell quickly and aim for the weak point in the center of the interior."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: This enemy has an almost identical "shell" to Rat Rut, so I'm just showing you its un-shelled design. This is also almost the same as Rat Rut, except its two fig halves are on the outside of the wheel, impaled on the "curtain rods," and it has a mass of plumbing pipes sticking out of it in addition to the grammaphone thing.

OPINION: This is the only other "Rut" in the game, and doesn't really clarify anything more about this family. When they say it "fears almost nothing" though, that implies it still fears some things, so I guess we know the Others have recognizable emotions?


PROFILE:"A Santa that looks like two dolls fused together by their faces. After observation, it is believed that they each have their own consciousness. It attacks by throwing objects with its tentacle-like organs. These tentacles are extremely tough and it will strike nearby prey with them directly. The objects it throws can be thrown right back at it using psychokinesis. Using something like clairvoyance to discern the path of the projectiles to dodge them and attack is also a surefire method to conquering it."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: the official profile is completely wrong here, the two figures are not at all fused by their faces. Rather, they look like two humanoid dolls or mannequins facing one another, bellies pressed together and also pressing their hands together, which are fused completely. It's actually an unmistakably sexual position, but their bodies are so close that they may actually be sharing one single pelvic area. We can't tell, because they're also sitting inside a hollow metal container of some kind. Their torsos are also covered in large fish scales, and each has a very different, very bizarre head that will warrant its own careful explanation:

The head of one figure is smoothly faceless, covered in fishlike skin with finer scales, and tapering into two large tentacles, like a jester's cap, which are lined with almost eye-like round suckers and end in mitten-like grippers. These are not symmetrical, with one tentacle much longer and larger than the other.

The head of the other figure is a big, bulbous sack with a pair of small, yellow eyes towards the back, actually resembling the entire head of an octopus, facing away from its "partner." Arranged evenly around this head are circular, artificial vents. There's also another tentacle attached to this figure, coming directly out of its rear end.

OPINION: The "Santa" family really stands out among the rest of the Others, and may be the best designs in the game; two humanoids fused in what evokes two intimate lovers, with a sea creature motif that includes almost a whole "octopus" split between them. Whereas many of its cousins simply look like a bunch of miscellaneous junk drawer doo-dads mixed together, these have a mostly organic and very cohesive design that still manages to look maddeningly weird!


PROFILE:"A Santa that spits saliva to soak its prey, then throws electrified objects to shock them. It encloses its entire body in a solid box when it senses a threat, trying to blend in with its surroundings. It will attack by spraying the surrounding area with saliva even while inside the box if it is repeatedly attacked, so attempting to break the box is not advisable. You should hide with invisibility to get close and attack the weak point in the center of its torso. Its body is soaked in saliva, making electrokinesis effective as well."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: This creature is almost identical to Barrista Santa, with cooler blue-green fish skin, but the largest tentacle of the tentacle-headed figure ends in a brass doorknob-like object, there's a cluster of yellow bulbs resembling octopus eggs hanging from their sides, and we can more clearly see that the humanoid bodies are merged from the chest on down. They sit atop a metal cube, and as the description implies, they are capable of retracting into it completely despite its smaller size; something the Barrista can do as well.

OPINION: I like how many times this description says "saliva." As if the "Santas" couldn't get any weirder and more unwholesome, this one just constantly sprays spit everywhere.


PROFILE:"A Sabbat with a formidable close range attack in its charge, assisted by the sharp shell on its head. It also secretes a menacing liquid in a wide range from its hind legs. Upon analysis, it had been revealed that his liquid is the creature's drool. If you can break the shell on its head, its fragile organs will be revealed. The organs seem to be numerous eyes, yet because they lack any sense of vision it has been surmised that they are just ocular patterns. When it performs its saliva attack, it briefly lowers its head. If you can manage to approach it with the help of sclerokinesis and break its shell, you will surely put yourself in an advantageous position against it."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: this monster actually looks like a thick, muscular white horse, but it has chitinous looking white armor on its front legs that reminds me heavily of a bunch of acorn barnacles; imagine stacking up barnacles on top of each other like cups and those are sort of the forelimbs here. It has a girdle of metal bands encircling its midsection. It also has a mossy green material covering its neck all the way up to its head, and its face is usually covered by funnel-shaped metal mask that tapers into a long, lethal looking corkscrew. Under the mask, the face is just a meaty red blob with the eye-like markings mentioned in its profile.

OPINION: Like the "Santas," this is another simpler and more coherent creature, basically just an equine with some weird stuff on it! Love that its saliva comes out of its hind legs though. Sure. Why not.


PROFILE:"A Sabbat that excels in charging headbutt attacks. Has a habit of charging at anything and everything around it, with reports telling of this creatures even breaking electrical poles. Take caution when it stands on its hind legs. The headbutt will come crashing down with force. This attack has a long windup, but the intensity of it will cause grave injury. However, after a short time, it will return to all fours to rest, leaving the weak point in its back shell open to attack. If you can keep calm and dodge its big attack, it will open an opportunity for a counter strike."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: This creature looks like the Sabbat, but its head is a giant ram's skull. Its metal girdle splits open where a metal dome protrudes from its back, and while not shown in this illustration, this dome conceals a cluster of metal tubes, each with a red rose inside.

OPINION: Huh. That's...it? Really? It's certainly cool looking, but this might be the simplest and most "normal" looking monster in the setting.


PROFILE:"A Sabbat that flings the mushroom-like growths on its head to confuse its prey with its spores. Once the prey is confused, it finishes them with a powerful chage. Analysis has shown that these spores have an even stronger effect on brains with a high amount of psionic hormone, which makes this creature a dangerous opponent for the OSF. Its nose is unguarded when it flings the spores, so you should use hypervelocity or teleportation to get close and attack it before you get confused."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: This Sabbat has an even more "normal" horse body and legs than the others, except for the multicolored shaggy fur on its sides and stomach. Its head, however, resembles an entire dead tree, the upper branches evoking a set of staglike antlers. Erupting from the roots are several hanging masses of what appear to be flowers.

OPINION: so the clumps of "flowers" are actually "mushrooms" the thing flings around? Huh. I like the unpleasantness of these being referred to as "boogers" by its name. Ew. Haha. This is maybe my favorite of the Sabbats because that's a VERY unique and freaky head design, but the Sabbats are still kind of mundane by this game's standards.


PROFILE:"A Chinery with an organ that looks like a withered tree. It absorbs oil from its prey and has been confirmed excreting it from holes on its limbs. There are observation records of the oil excretion ceasing and nervous behavior increasing when it hasn't eaten for an extended period. Its body is always covered in oil and when it finds prey, it changes the color of the oil to blend into its surroundings. Attacks using clairvoyance can counteract this ability. It can also be set on fire using pyrokinesis. It becomes furious when backed into a corner, so caution is required when going in, but the center of its torso becomes brittle while it is burning."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: this is another creature with the hind legs and posterior of an equine, but made of a slick vinyl-like material pocked with perfectly circular, black holes. This posterior ends abruptly in a metal band and wire grid, and while not visible from this angle, the creature's midsection is a spine and ribcage emerging from this mesh. Its metal face has a large valve on the front, below another round black hole. It has a pair of mechanical, humanlike mannequin arms, and on top of its head is a dead tree, much larger than that of the Booger Sabbat.

OPINION: the "Chinery" family feels kind of like a more realized evolution of the Sabbats. Still easier to describe than many creatures in this game, but a little more bizarre than the horsies.


PROFILE:"A Chinery with three organs that look like fruits. There are multiple reports of it seeming the wash the fruits on the front of its body at watering holes, but there is no analytical data assigning any special meaning to this behavior. Breaking the outer shells of the fruit exposes the brittle innards, and when the entire outer shell is broken, it falls prone. The theory is that it believes it has been killed. You want to break the shell when it leaves itself open after a wide-swinging attack, but the fruits on its back are protected by a tail-like organ. You'll need to attack quickly or use a method like invisibility to get close."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: similar to the previous Chinery, bu its antler-branches are much, much shorter, and it has a smaller, thinner rib cage and spin. It also has those three "fruits" in its description, which resemble green-yellow, scaly pods. One in its hands, one on its rump, and one on its spine.

OPINION: I'm glad to get another profile that discusses the actual behavior of these creatures. The idea that it protects those "fruits" and just THINKS it dies without them is deeply intriguing. What an amazing game this would be if part of the actual gameplay was to observe and understand these creatures beyond a focus on combat. Give me a spinoff where I can be the Crocodile Hunter of the Others, please.


PROFILE:"A Chinery with an organ that looks like a flowery shrub. It's actions suggest that it prefers cleanliness. It has been seen cleaning its nails and walking on tiptoes so that it doesn't get wet. It can spin its bulb-like organ to spray bodily fluid in a wide area and unleash electric projectiles. Being soaked in the fluid makes it easier to be shocked, so it's incredibly dangerous. Its lower half is brittle and believed to be a weak point. It would be wise to get behind it using invisibility to sneak in or with the speed of hypervelocity."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: Almost identical to the first Chinery again, but its rib cage is an artificial, metal one, its tree is covered in red leaves, tiny roots or veins are spreading outward from its facial hole and its equine posterior is covered in open wounds.

OPINION: this wraps up the Chineries, which aside from the descriptions of their psychological quirks, still don't feel as exciting as they ought to. Maybe I'm just spoiled, though; in any other game, this would be a mesmerizing design.


PROFILE:"A Perry that seems to store oil in its water tank-like organs. It is extremely aggressive and exudes a great ferocity toward anything and everything around it when it gets going. You wouldn't thikn so because it appears to have such a heavy build, but its six legs give it a boastful jumping ability that allows it to come crashing down on unsuspecting prey. Taking a direct hit like this is life-threatening. It often takes a moment to correct itself after landing from such a leap. At a distance, this creature will fire its oil as a projectile weapon. Not only will this oil hinder your movement, but it is highly flammable. However, this Other is just as susceptible to its own fluids."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: this is a shaggy beast with six limbs ending in mechanical-looking forearms and hands. Its head is a flattened, bronze or wood looking panel with another of those perfectly circular holes as its only real feature. Multiple metal shower spigots, missing their showerheads, flare out from the sides of this mask almost like whiskers. On its back is a large metal contraption, encircled by roses, and with a nozzle on the front. Finally, it has three cable-like tails.

OPINION: these last couple of creature groups feel like different rehashes of each other, huh? Not bad, but getting a little redundant, and the descriptions even moreso; how many Others repeat the electrified saliva and flammable oil gimmicks? A few too many, I have to say. In fact, there are a couple other "Perries" and "dispens," but I think you get the point of this group by now.


PROFILE:"An Other observed multiple times on Hieno Mountain. It is known that it spends most of its time hiding in the snow and has a habit of creating odd images out of water or snow. It is an incredibly dangerous Other and the only records that exist are the aforementioned observations and a few battle logs that ended in retreat. Running away is the recommended action if encountered."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: now we're getting somewhere again! This is a patchy humanoid of cloth and mesh, crawling on all fours. One of its arms ends in a simple, bent point and the other arm, in its main illustration, looks like it's encased in chunky ice. Its back is covered in egg-like yellow bulbs, and its head basically looks like a giant bird's nest, or a donut made of hair. This, too, is frosted over with ice. Its dark central opening faces forward, like a mouth, and curved, metal bars spiral out from it, covered in what look like sockets for candles or bulbs to fit into.

OPINION: this is a rare, powerful and massive Other, which doesn't always have the ice coating. Those socket things actually squirt freezing water, but it also aims them at its opponent like they're its eyes, kind of! I think the most interesting aspect of this one are those "odd images" it sculpts: simple figures shaped like hourglasses, bulbs or vases, usually with a pair of nubby legs, and always with a single hole through them. There's no explanation for this, but they're everywhere in its icy territory.


PROFILE:"An Other observed in a certain place apparently mimicking a machine. It is a highly specialized individual, and no others of its type have been recored. It has strength far superior to normal Others. Even though there is a strong possibility that it can consume electricity for energy, it is believed to be so greed ythat it continues to hunt prey anyway. It keeps a large amount of others called Filler Pillers inside its body and uses them to hunt. When it finds prey, it equips the Filler Pillers with various equipment and sends them out while protecting itself with a shutter. It opens the shutter when all the Filler Pillers have been killed and begins searching for prey with radar, but protects itself again and releases a wave attack when it detects something. Its cunning and cautious habits increase its danger, and accoridng to data analysis, it would be incredibly difficult to defeat. There is a chance of victory if you can get close with hypervelocity, but it certainly has uncommon abilities. "

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: this is a simple one; it really looks like just a pagoda sort of building constructed around a huge, dead tree, and on one side it has a giant, organic eyeball staring from a circular porthole. Cute! It also swarms with little bee-like Others called the Filler Pillers.

OPINION: this is another one that would seem really, really strange in another game, but for an "Other" it's a little average. It really says something about these creatures that a cyclops tree full of artificial bugs is on the lower end of their creativity scale.


PROFILE:"The most massive Other ever recorded by the OSF, whose existance has only been reported once. The identity of the reported has been concealed, but the attatched data is highly trustworthy, so it will be added to the database for reference. It contains many Others within its body, and seems to be able to control them with its roar. Topographic observations suggest there is a giant space inside the structure. It is possible that this Other stays inside and feeds indirectly by gathering Others who have collected brains into itself and keeps them until they perish. When the reported encountered the Other, it set many Pendus on them, which attacked all at once. However the Pendus' movements were simpler than if they had been acting on their own, so analysis suggests that using sclerokinesis to endure their attacks would be effective. The report also contains records of this Other performing attacks itself, with an account of it destroying a road to hunt down its prey. It is unlikely there are any countermeasures if this giant charges you. It is thought to be nearly impossible to defeat, so it would be wise to run for your dear life, like the person who made the report did."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: the largest Other is long and wormlike. Its underside has many large pairs of human arms, giving a centipede sort of impression, as well as brightly glowing lanterns that dangle from chains. A row of red trees sprout down its back, and its back is also covered in what looks from a distance like ragged cloth, but up close, it's actually thousands of wooden mannequin parts woven together. Its head is a sort of giant, multi-layered funnel made from pale cloth or paper, with more of the woven mannequin pieces spilling out, and this is canonically the "mouth." It sometimes stretches this open with its arms and spews a massive beam of blood-like red fluid!

OPINION: very cool design for the "largest" Other (or is it?), the mannequin "fabric" is a fascinating idea, and I love the simplicity of that funnel-like maw. You don't really battle this one, either, but have to survive a chase sequence!


MY BEST DESCRIPTION: the name and description of this monster are story spoilers, but they don't offer any insight into its physiology or behavior anyway, so let's dive into the description. This is gonna be a fun one! The body is simple enough, a humanoid twisted so that it's doing a kind of crab-walk on its feet and its elbows, its hands clutching the sides of the enormous thing serving as its head. What do you call this thing? It's like a wooden shrine, I guess, like a wooden box with a peaked roof. A tall wooden chair sits unoccupied in the interior, which is illuminated yellow and orange, as if by candlelight. A cluster of prickly looking plants spill out the bottom. On top of the roof are two busts; heads, and necks side by side. Where each would have an exposed shoulder is instead an antler. Each also has a red gash down its neck, they have long bushy dark hair, and a dirty cloth is draped over them to just cover their eyes.

OPINION: this is another one I thought would be more baffling to analyze, but it's not all that complex by this game's standards...or maybe I'm already just really used to these things at this point? Sometimes a monster's face is a chair standing in a box. Sure!


PROFILE:"An extraordinarily dangerous Other that has avoided any attempt by the OSF to exterminate it. It suddenly disappeared after encountering Karen Travers and hasn't been observed since, but considering its strength, it is unlikely that it perished without anyone knowing. We will list a few accounts of encounters with what is believed to be this Other that resulted in narrow escapes.

Account 1: An Other carrying a giant shield in its right arm. Protects itself with the shield and attacks by spraying water. The right side tends to be unprotected when it creates a wall of water, but the wall could not be penetrated. Account 2: An Other carrying a giant sword in its left hand. Even the shockwave from a swing of the sword is dangerous. Could get in close and aim for vulnerable left arm if able to endure blows or dodge them. Attempt abandoned. Account 3: An Other wearing a helmet on its head. The thrust and gas from its nose are threats. It's possible that the head is unguarded when it puts up a smoke screen or sprays oil, etc.

These are all thought to be the same Other, meaning it can change forms. There are also unconfirmed reports of an ultimate form with all the listed characteristics, but that would make for a nightmare of a fight for even the strongest soldier."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: Oh boy. Oh jeez. This is the one I knew was going to be rough. God. Okay, let's start with the first of the three bodies you fight against. So, this creature's head is that of an elephant, but its eyes are covered over by a mask that resembles the top of an old lighthouse, I think. Around its neck is a big metal frill like a satellite dish. Sprouting from the underside of this dish are its multiple limbs, resembling giant-sized hoofed legs, like horse or mule legs. Below all this is what looks like a humanoid midsection and stomach, but this ends in a circular metal ring with some kind of guard rail.

Sticking out the bottom of that, when we flip the whole thing upside-down, is an entire pine tree. At the end of the pine tree, but also larger than the entire tree, is what appears to be two women with high heeled shoes and vertically striped stockings, each riding a unicycle around the rim of the metal ring. Only the legs and unicycles are really visible, the rest of their bodies covered up by the same white cloth, like a ghost, and in a reversal of the Santas we already reviewed, it's their upper bodies and heads that seem merged together beneath that cloth. Finally, this shared head sports a pair of antlers.

The monster has two alternate forms that are largely the same, except the entire elephant head is replaced with a huge metal bar identical to that of a padlock. Each of these wields a different weapon, but sometimes the elephant-head body wields them both. One weapon is a giant, antique parasol covered in acorn barnacles, and while not seen here, its handle ends in a cluster of red coral-like tissue. The other weapon is a long, spiraling seashell with many large spikes, with a couple of humanoid arms emerging from the shell's opening and using their own hands to grip one of the monster's donkey-leg arms.

OPINION:Huh, you know, that wasn't so bad at all! Maybe I overhyped these monsters. This isn't so complex when you just take it in piece by piece, top to bottom, and it's just the two gal pals down there who are really bizarre. Otherwise this monster is just kind of a giant elephant clown, right? It's lovably zany for such a threatening force.


PROFILE:"A battle occurred in the deepest sector of the Sumeragi Tomb, the Thousand Year Hall. Confirmed on location were four giant organisms donning masks. They were confirmed to be transformations of (spoiler) and thought to only be acting upon (their) will."

MY BEST DESCRIPTION: nothing much to this one; four gigantic humanoids whose faces are covered by cloth shawls. They have different masks they can hold up, and alternatively hold up red flowers in front of their faces.

OPINION: So it's a bit simplistic for the ultimate Other battle, but it's still pretty epic and unsettling regardless. I both do and do not want to know more about what made the Others and why, though I personally get an impression that perhaps all the psychic power suddenly unleashed by humankind gave physical form to something more metaphysical? Overall, the Others of Scarlet Nexus remind me of a more elaborate, over the top Silent Hill, and in fact would have fit in well to my original assumption, many aeons ago, that every Silent Hill title was going to give its monsters a slightly different visual style.