"NOISY TENANTS:" a pay-what-you-want short story collection!


Newly available on itch.io for five bucks or more bucks or for free! This ebook collects (very lightly edited) the earliest short stories that built my "Perception Range" fiction setting. This setting also encompasses Awful Hospital, but each was written to stand on its own, and while you can find all of them on this website already, the book ends with my own in-depth explanations and anecdotes on every story, including facts about the setting and characters I've never shared before.

"HARMBURGER:" a man finds himself trapped in a walk-in freezer, and begins to notice strange things about the meat. Stranger than the cannibalism story this kind of synopsis would normally entail, I promise.

"DOCTOR PHAGE:" he thought all he had was an ordinary cold...so couldn't he just get an ordinary, human doctor?

"DOCTOR DEMENTIST:" followup to Doctor Phage, featuring a giant shrieking mass of razor sharp metal who might not even really know what he's doing.

"DOCTOR FLEAGOOD DOES IT AGAIN:" an emergency veterinary visit takes one uncomfortable turn after another.

"TEN PLASMIC REVERBERATORS (THAT COULD BE IN YOUR ENDOSPHERE):" a handy guide - with new thumbnail doodles! - to conserving your gels and protecting your exospine from such common interzonal threats as the Membrane Disassociator, the Polyparious Grunt-Fink and the Reflection Channel Rattler.

"ADVANCED GEL SWAPPING WITH THE FURLER:" (two page microstory) how to swap gels like a pro with the most sensitive organelle of The Seething.

"THE ZONEHOPPER'S GUIDE TO THE PERCEPTION RANGE:" a longer collection of "journal entries" including a number of run-ins with hazardous entities and the narrator's attempts to explain what's going on in all these stories with normal, human vocabulary.

"HOSPITAL STAY:" the direct sequel to "Doctor Phage," previously non-canon, now brought into canon with only a few minor edits.

BEHIND THE SCENES: entirely brand-new writing in which I detail the inspirations, meanings, world building, trivia and more about each of the stories collected.

And Next Time: a shorter but quite possibly weirder book of unrelated stories I've never formally released at all.