Darkest Dungeon 2: Ranking The Plague Eaters!

Written by Jonathan Wojcik

It's our second look at Darkest 2 Dungeon! We previously ranked the Cultists, the whole whopping six of them, but another group of bad guys are the Plague Eaters! They represent an entire village that succumbed to some mysterious illness, turning them into "voracious and decadent" monsters that live only to eat!

#7: MAID

Sadly lacking a nice transparent PNG image on any of the wikis I've seen, the Maid is the least mutated looking of the Plague Eaters, a lady whose upper body and left arm are obscured by a more modest amount of overgrown tissue, a bit "Akira," not quite as done baking as her brethren. her mouth is split open by her excess of rectangular teeth, but not nearly to the extreme of our remaining examples. She even still has human hair left! While this all places her last on the list, it still implies some interesting lore; she's clearly in an earlier state of transformation, and from what we'll be seeing, that's probably why she's still only a maid.


The Plague Eater's farm animals are goatlike animals with lumpy, polypous bodies and the same mutated mouth design iconic to most of the faction: much more extreme than the Maid, the upper and lower jaws are just huge, bulging clusters of those crowded, flat, squareish teeth erupting from puffy, reddish gums, just a little reminiscent of the monsters from The Deadly Spawn. There's also a special livestock variant, Black Philip, with a blackish coat - where he still has any left - and huge, curving horns. Fairly cool, though I might have liked to see another couple of animal types! Maybe a big nasty chicken?! Despite being "livestock," they feel like they actually do rank higher than the Maid in Plague Eater "culture," and we'll see a reason for that too.

#5: LORD

This is one of the stronger enemies, formerly a greedy rich bastard who overworked the local farmers and kept all the money. Now he's a corpulent mutant with a second mouth for a shoulder. The grinning underbite of his real face and curling, sneering lips of the secondary maw give the Lord a lot of humorous personality, but as a monster design he's still one of the more conventional of the bunch. What's interesting is that he's one of the highest on their social ladder, and he has more than one mouth, which implies maybe the state of their transformation is linked to how much food they get eat.

#4: LADY

Significantly weirder than the Lord, the Lady has the usual Plague Eater jaws visible under her grandma hair and a still roughly humanoid upper torso, but from the waist down she's just a great big roundish meatball with a gaping, circular mouth and a few asymmetrical, stunted limbs.


Sort of the general-purpose Plague Eater enemy, the Butcher's head is like a flabby blackish worm that dangles down its chest, giving it a faceless hump where the head ought to be and placing its big, gnashing giant mouth at stomach level. The reddish, backswept tubes sprouting from the head-hump area look great, the loose flesh dangling under its neck gives it a horrible turkey-like vibe and I especially enjoy the way its upper jaw is flipped so far back it's crunching up what's left of the original face, the nose and eyes barely visible in its wrinkly folds.


"Born to a corpulent, half-eaten mother, the child is a ravenous avatar of degeneracy!

What a quote, yikes!! Spookey!!!! Harvest Child is the big boss encounter of the Plague Eaters, the Harvest Child is a mutant infant worshiped by the creatures as a symbol of their bountiful agricultural community, kept in a big barn where it's pampered, doted on and fed all day long. The design is just a giant, nasty, meaty baby a big Plague Eater mouth, sprouting from a large gooey heap of ooze-like rotten flesh, purple guts and squirming tentacles. The whole thing emerges from a gigantic cornucopia basket as if it's a snail shell, adorably decorated with ribbons and flowers!

Speaking of adorable, the Harvest Child's sound effects are the recorded babbling of an actual baby, and it usually just sounds like it's wildly entertained or, of course hungry. I swear it even says "BANANA" every so often, which you can listen to here, and if you haven't already, you'll also see what I meant about this game's stunningly gorgeous animation.


So this 'peater is so bloated and mutated, it's impossible to tell if it began as a human or an animal, or if we're even looking at just one being! There's basically a lumpy humanoid plague eater body in the back, with almost nothing but an open mouth for a head, but it needs a huge wooden cart to carry the tumorous heap of biomass sprouting off its belly, which has its own MUCH BIGGER mouth and a pair of dog-like forelimbs. It exists to provide its own delicious meat to its own kind, even constantly snacking on itself, and spawns lumps of rotten meat onto the battlefield. These count as dead bodies, because this is the kind of game where a lot of different mechanics interact with dead bodies.

One thing I think is interesting? The Lord is in the process of growing a second mouth, the Lady has developed a much larger one beginning to take over her body, and this thing seems like the most advanced stage of the mutation process...but it doesn't enjoy any higher class status. Perhaps there was a time that it was part of that wealthy upper crust, but now it's just a dinner cart. To the Plague Eaters, I'm sure there's probably no higher honor than to become one of the Eaten.