The Lillipup Family

Before we even get to this generation's early-bird, we get another normal-type mammal. This time, it's a three-stage dog, and while I certainly wasn't clamoring for any normal type dogs, this little baby yorkie is one of the cutest little shits in the series. Look at that damn face. UGH.

"Herdier," the middle stage, is basically a realistic, regular looking Yorkshire terrier. Being normal type, there's basically nothing differentiating this pokemon from an actual, real dog except that it can learn to fire energy beams, whereas an actual yorkie only theoretically fires energy beams.

The final form, Stoutland, takes its animal basis and exaggerates it in that fun, silly pokemon way. Now we've got a hilariously angry little dog with WAY too much mustache, which is exactly the correct amount of mustache for an angry, little dog to have.

As far as a normal-type canine goes, these are cute and very pleasantly designed. I'm glad they're not wolves.