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Halloween Season 2010:
I was born on Halloween of 1983, which is probably why
I'm so obsessed with monsters in the first place. Growing
up celebrating your birthday with Dracula, Elvira
and a
billion happy-faced spiders
staring at you from every
will do that to a kid. Obviously, the season means
a lot to me
and likely contributed to my lifelong adoration
for unusual creatures
real and imagined.

To me, "Halloween" has grown from a single celebration
to an entire three-month season,
officially beginning
when Halloween merchandise begins its trickle into
American retail stores in early August. Every year, I
spend these three months hunting for the weirdest,
coolest, and sometimes stupidest Halloween items I can
find. Once I began, I made it a tradition to
blog about my finds each year; originally just a page or
two of my favorites, and later a detailed blog of every little
purchase as it came. As of 2010, worthy discoveries,
whether purchased or simply spotted, are given individual
pages of their own.
The original blog:
Browse a growing collection of original reader art inspired by the various
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