(and Bonus Bloodletting Beast)

The beasts, as I more or less already indicated, get weirder and nastier as the game progresses, and the Silverbeasts feel like an iconic case. These shaggy humanoids have extremely stretched-out bodies, with long, thin torsos, their thin and sharp ribs protruding completely from their stretched and sunken chests. They seem to be named for the silvery-white shaggy hair, but their actual most outstanding physical feature is that their heads are always twisted to one side; so much so that their jaws appear to open "vertically!"

That sideways face is one I've only ever been able to see as "muppety." It's a very round head, with wild humanlike eyes and a little nose, and it splits open completely into such a wide, toothy mouth. You know, like, a muppet.

See? I didn't even turn this photo of Animal on its side or anything, it came that way!

The main thing about the Silverbeast, though, isn't its silveriness or its twisty head or its legendary drum solos, but the number of weird ways it can try to kill you. As bestial as it looks, it's intelligent enough to usually carry a lighted torch around, and it uses that as a makeshift sort of "flamethrower" by spraying its own flammable bile into it, like a lighter and some hairspray. If you still manage to get too close, it can release a surge of electricity from its fur. If it loses the torch, it starts running around on all fours and extends these long, hooked claws from the backs of its hands, plus it can still just spray you directly with its bile to make you sick.

When all else fails? Some Silverbeasts get the last laugh even after death, because their bodies are filled with parasites referred to as "Hateful Maggots." You can also encounter these as enemies in their own right, but it seems like they originate from within beasts. They look like beetle grubs stretched into long, thin serpents, with a pair of enlarged mandible-like forelegs!

These parasites factor into one another type of beast, too; the "bloodletting beast" is first encountered as just a huge, hulking wolfman with a split open back, but in the Chalice Dungeons, you can face this same beast with a swarm of small, flying maggots and one extra-massive maggot instead of a head! Why do these parasites infest just these two types of beasts? Are they connected to one another? The bloodletting beast has nothing else in common with the Silverbeasts, but I still wouldn't be surprised if they're related in some way beyond simply having the same parasites.