This isn't the last beast we'll be seeing, nor is it even the strongest, weirdest or most plot-important, but it IS hypothesized by some to be the "final stage" of the typical werewolfy beasts. It's one of the largest, for one, and it's also one of the fastest, nastiest and most aggressive. The stronger beasts also demonstrate electrical abilities, and Darkbeasts are positively crackling non-stop with their intense energy output. This is quite possible also the only thing really keeping them alive anymore?

There are only two Darkbeasts in the game, technically, both as optional boss fights. The only difference is in their names; one is simply the Loran Darkbeast, and the other is Darkbeast Paarl. Who is Paarl?! A darkbeast apparently!

A Darkbeast is a truly terrifying being, as simple as it is; it looks more like an off-humanoid skeleton than a wolfman, with haunting, perfectly round little eye sockets in its corpsey face, its body almost nothing but bones and sinews. And hair. It's a skeleton still covered in lots of long, shaggy hair, all sizzling with blue electrical sparks, like one giant corpse fried by and then brought to life again by lightning. Frankenstein style. Frankenstyle! There's even reference to them as "undead" beasts in-game, so maybe it's not so much the final stage of the transformation as what happens after a fully grown beast dies? Maybe that's the same thing, though. Maybe it's kind of like whatever a beast really is, this is the point at which it no longer has so much use for the flesh and blood it originally commandeered. Maybe these are the final moments before it escapes the confines of the material world altogether? Or maybe that's what it's "trying" to do, but the process doesn't really work right? Either way, looking at this big sparkling sack of hairy bones, you really and truly understand that this is not, in fact, a game about werewolves.