Written by Jonathan Wojcik


With Artwork by September-xyzx!

Monsters and villains from your creepiest dreams!


So many monsters in so many forms of media seem to be locked in an arms race to see who can bristle with more outrageous fangs and claws, but nothing will ever be creepier than the ways a completely soft, squishy creature can harm you. That this being doesn't even fall back on acid, slime or poison is even worse. It just james its clammy hand in your mouth until you choke. That's so damn brutal from an otherwise inoccuous sounding entity.


The flying thing with half a face has been a popular choice among the artists this year, and though I've gotten a couple drawings of it, I feel like each one brings a distinct and special feel to the same entity even while all relatively similar. It's just described so perfectly, it really feels like a dream you've experienced yourself.


Fly Man feels like something straight out of a short horror manga. There's no telling what he wants with all those flies or what's up with his neck, and any further explanation would only ruin the fun. A short, sweet tale of utterly ghastly weirdness.


Everything about this dream is top-quality. You've got the goofy, cheerful setting with something you know is horribly wrong, pursuit by a completely unseen menace, and the final reveal of a monster hovering just between the cute and the straight-up horrific in that special sort of "ill-conceived corporate mascot" way I love so much, finally topped off with a bit of cryptic, nonsense dialog. I think THE SOMETHING might be one of my new personal favorites. Thank you, zombiequeen's brain, and thank you to today's artist for capturing this thing so unwholesomely. They've got a lot more creepy beings to check out, by the way.


I've had so many dreams like this where I knew there were a variety of freaky creatures, but could only remember a couple of them. The fact that one of them is just a giant, gross photo is pretty fascinating. However abstract the other monsters may have gotten, the hairy, monstrous skull-worm hovering in darkness feels like the perfect "big boss" or "leader" of any nightmare horror-house.

What if this thing isn't just the "leader" of a single person's nightmares? Maybe Dr. Tapeworm is just one of the lucky few to have seen the face behind everyone's bad dreams.