Written by Jonathan Wojcik


With Artwork by Carpcave!

Monsters and villains from your creepiest dreams!


As terrifying as the "feeler babies" themselves are, I think the television framing device is in itself even scarier. Imagine tuning in to what an otherwise ordinary television station keeps describe as a perfectly mundane documentary about "fish," and seeing these things just hovering in blackness. Maybe there's even someone else watching with you, and they don't act like there's a single thing amiss either. Maybe you're the only one who ever sees this documentary this way, and you spend the rest of your life living with that utter confusion.


If you've been paying attention to these, you might recognize the same user who posted "Mr. Oogle," which can only mean that Worm Man here and Mr. Oogle share a canon, obviously, but please do not be insensitive about Worm Man's health.


I like this better without a specific number anyway, and if you're not familiar with the SCP Foundation, you're probably on the wrong website.

This monster actually reminds me of the "games" I used to play in my head when I was little, especially when I was trying to fall asleep. I'd willingly imagine an entity like this in my room, sensitive to my movements or even my breath, and do my best to lie absolutely still or breathe as silently as possible.


The scenario presented by this dream is disturbing enough without any monsters, but the almost comical hideousness of these nonsense beings is kind of like insult to injury. I was almost going to try drawing these myself, but no way were my sketches as effective as Carpcave's turned out. These barf-caked trolls truly sound horrible, and their association with this unspecified "poison" feels pretty compelling.


If nobody else was going to draw these, I was going to just do it myself. These things have such a fantastic "cosmic horror" vibe to them that you could use them as the go-to definition of how to do it right. They don't need to make any threatening gestures to be frightening; simply seeing a hairy, crawling puzzle cube, just bobbing along minding its own business, would be enough to tell you that something is very, very wrong with your understanding of the universe, and for all you know, something even wronger is quite possibly about to go down in your own backyard.