Written by Jonathan Wojcik


Sorry that our first, maybe only preview of the year's new stories is coming so late in the season...and that a lot of other things I normally bring you this time of year are just a shadow what they were in 2018 and prior. The popularity of the usual features has dropped quite a bit, maybe a little due to our collective exhaustion with the world in general, and maybe also because this website has just been randomly lying to people that its security certificate is dangerous, which is because all browsers raised their standards for what they consider "secure." My webhost of 17 years spend the entire fall season telling me they brought us up to date already, which they didn't, and finally we had to move the entire site to a new server over the past few weeks, which is still wrapping up in the background as you read this!

I have, however, finally picked out a few stories for you to read early, and the rest this year are nice ones too. Remember you have until December 31st to submit your own horror stories HERE, or you can browse all existing stories HERE. The rest of this year's entries will go up the first week of 2020...


If anyone out there is really still in a spooky-season mood besides me, we've got a solid spooky bones tale for you, with an original and nicely peculiar overall concept to it. This has the tone I've come to miss from older SCP foundation weirdness, to be honest.


I feel like I always know the overal "ballpark" of what I'm in for every time Dandelion Steph submits a story, yet the direction each one goes is still always a surprise. I guess it's more of a small continent than a ballpark, made up of body horror that's softer and less gruesome than most, but that's kind of exactly what always makes it much more distressing.


Fun list-format surrealism, and with a twist that's become common recently, but still always entertains me - technically this entry is not entirely written by a human!


This is lengthier than our other four previews here, set in a miserably dreary, unsanitary future described in detail so poetically rancid you can practically smell its setting by the second or third paragraph.


I put this one last here and I choose it as an early preview, because I think it's the kind of story some people might really like right now. It's definitely about a monster, but, it's a very different kind.