Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Bogleech.com's Spooky Door Trick or Treat Quest: ROUND THREE!


Hmmmmm...looks like for round two, many of you either got it all too easily or were stumped completely! If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, you can start from round one here. Otherwise, if you found the previous seventeen doors, you'll find that the seventeenth has now been updated with clues to begin the third round.

There are now a grand total of thirty one monsters hidden around the site, but the final fourteen are no longer found behind doors! Instead, the clues point to different monsters this website has reviewed. Find those monsters and click them!


The First Prize winner is the first person to email bogleech@hotmail.com with a complete list of all 31 hidden monsters, and all 31 site articles that they can be found on.

A weird trophy goes to the first prize, plus any pin they want from my etsy store. TEN RUNNERS UP will also get pins, if in fact there are that many winners.

There is no deadline to win first prize, but once it has been claimed, a spoiler/walkthrough will be made available a few days later.