Darkest Dungeon 2: Ranking The Fisherfolk!

Written by Jonathan Wojcik

It's been a while! We're still having kind of a slower and more laid-back Halloween season this year, but I haven't forgotten DD2! Next on our list are the FISHERFOLK! Darkeriest Dungeons have always drawn some inspiration from classic cosmic horror, and who could forget good old Innsmouth, Lovecraft's seaside town where people keep boning tunas, or something, and having wet tuna people babies!


Bosun is the most basic enemy of the batch, a guy who's just fishy enough to have slimy, kind of saggy blue skin and big, black eyes. Otherwise just a dude, really. Just a blue wet dude. He's got a few barnacles on him at least, but that's true of almost all the fishers! What are you doing there, barnacles?! You don't usually grow on fish skin! You grow on harder stuff, like at least whale skin, or turtle shells, or crabs, or rocks! I guess these are an unusually parasitic variety of acorn barnacle, since you can even be afflicted with them like a status condition!


Captain is the next most "human" Fisherfolk, but much cooler than the Bosun. For one, you can't even see his face at all, just blackness between his collar and his captain's hat, though the two stitched, pale X's on the hat almost remind you of eyes. Then there's the fact that his left arm is encrusted in a huge, thick mass of not just barnacles, but a few sea stars! He's got so many friends!


This is just a really big, muscular, tanky fish man who carries wooden stocks on his back; he's not actually locked into them or anything, but they apparently help him cart around those two giant buckets full of blobby pink octopus flesh, which are animated like their tentacles are even helping the Docker fight. More friends!


This is the big boss sea-god of the Fisherfolk, apparently just a mysterious monster that showed up one day, so the fishing village started worshiping it like a god. Does it understand that? Does it care? We don't know! It just hangs out at the end of a specially built pier and I guess accepts whatever sacrifices are fed to it. It's a decently gnarly fish-god-monster, really scaly and spiny, nice long fangs, nice solid off-yellow eyes, otherwise not the most remarkable design here.


This is getting into the good stuff! The remaining Fisherfolk all involve parasitic jellyfish! Wharf Rat, despite the name, is a human reduced to a zombie-like corpse by the multiple jellies feeding on and controlling his body. One jelly has the guy's head completely enclosed in its bell, and has digested it down to just a skull, while its tentacles wrap around his arms and chest. Tentacles which, I might add, are pink and segmented looking; it does make them look like rat tails, whether or not that was the intention.


Once merely a little old fishwife, now a little, old, fish wife! Horror!! She's actually a really cute fishy person, smiling as she hunches over her little wooden table and chops up seafood, but she's got a HUGE jellyfish on her back, with one tentacle buried in her left eye socket and an abnormally massive eyeball hovering within the bell. Her official description says this is an upgrade gifted to her by her god, but doesn't specify what exactly her new giant jelly-eye can do. I'd say at bare minimum it's at least a major fashion upgrade.


This time, the #1 design goes to a smaller, weaker enemy, but it's just SUCH a uniquely unsettling visual: a big jellyfish crawling around on thick octopus-like tentacles, with an fetal fish-baby developing inside its transparent body, like it's one big mobile womb! It's too bad it's not so much a monster species in its own right, but indeed just the immature stage of every other Fisherfolk, actually capable of transforming into any other variety mid-battle. Still, it's a beautifully eerie little design, the developing embryo illuminated by the dull blue glow of the jelly and not even facing the same direction that its incubator crawls around and attacks in. But if the Fisherfolk come out of these, where do these come from to begin with? All we're told is that they're born "with the mutations their surrogate mother blessed them with." Is that a fisherfolk mother, then, or is the Leviathan the mother they're referring to? Either way, I love the idea that jellyfish just slither around this town visibly incubating humanoid babies.