Halloween at Spirit 2023

Written by Jonathan Wojcik

We already saw the most phenomenal thing sold at Spirit this year or any year when I showed you THE SNELETON, but there's still some other things of interest, which funny enough opened two locations near us that are practically on opposite sides of the same street.

Mothy Max

I'm kind of indifferent to Spirit's Zombie Baby line, but the fact that hawkmoths have invaded even these is pretty funny, and while there are other Zombie Babies with insects or arachnids involved, they're usually eating them or infested with them in some sense. Max here is just plain showing off his moths! He looks almost smug about it, as he should, since he's the one with the moths. Duh.

Skeleton Bat Mask

You all dislike skull masks with bone ears, I get it, but this is undeniably badass looking. And its jaw works when you talk!

"Seed Eater" Costume

This is a fairly cool looking ghoul, but what is it supposed to be? Is the Seed Eater from something? That's such a specific name, is it another of those costumes ripping off a creepypasta? Or is it just an original, unexplained weirdo?

Scarecrow Wolf Mask

There's a few "scarecrow animal" masks made of fake burlap; I think we even looked at some last year? It's a neat concept, really distinct and unsettling.

Mystic Moth Skull

This is a statue of a pitch black skull, but there's a bunch of skullmoths perched on it, most of them in lovely combinations of hot pink and intense teal. This really is the year of the moth.

Mystic Mushroom Skull

This other skull erupts with mushrooms! I like the contrast between the grimy realistic-ish bone and the wacky psychedelic "blacklight poster" style of the fungi. It really says "something unearthly has happened to these human remains."

Hazmat Zombie costume

Another of those kid's costumes cooler than any of the "adult" costumes, a "hazmat team" zombie rising up out of a whole toxic waste barrel, which hangs around the costume's waist, to the lucky kid gets to pretend like they're popping out of a big drum of sludge and everything!

Monster Pumpkins

A cute new line of plastic pumpkins as various other Halloween monsters! There are two varities of witch pumpkin, purple and green, with the pumpkin stems as noses and a rotten, wilted look, which is a great touch. The scary clown pumpkin is your typical scowling, cackling 90's comic book clown if you're into that, and then there's the Scarecrow Pumpkin, stylized like it's made out of stitched-together fabric with a scarecrow hat. That seems so obvious, I'm surprised I haven't really seen it before? We've seen a few burlap pumpkins, yeah, but they weren't explicitly "scarecrow themed."

Lord Raven Costume

Lord Raven was an animatronic character introduced in 2022, a skeletal being with a long-beaked face to kind of evoke a monstrous plague doctor. Now, he also exists in costume form! But possibly only a kid's costume?

Beetlejuice Shrimp Hand Bowl

It doesn't feel like there's that much point in reviewing the many items this year lifted straight from film and television, except this one: there's that scene in Beetlejuice where the Maitlands possess all the rich snobs having dinner in their house, and it culminates in the bowls of shrimp forming into humanoid hands. It's a memorable scene, but still not one I'd have expected to get merchandised! This is just a large resin candy bowl featuring one movie-accurate shrimp hand in the middle, life size and everything!

Death Stalker

Is this one of the coolest animatronic characters Spirit has ever put out? It's sort of a shadowy bogeyman, covered in black cloth except for its big, pale, gnarly hands and its "xenomorph"-like gaping jaws, which dominate its otherwise eyeless head!

Darling Dolly

Is this one of the other coolest animatronic characters Spirit has ever put out? She's a huge, looming figure in a filthy dress with a long-haired doll head on the end of a long neck, and even longer weird fingers on her gangly arms. Kinda like Salad Fingers' fingers. This is the kind of monster we've all seen in a lot of creepypasta and various horror games, but it feels surprisingly fresh for the world of Halloween animatronics.

Roaring Pumpkin

Actually I forget if this roars, screams, cackles or talks, but it's an animatronic pumpkin that opens up with cloth "pumpkin guts" stretched between its two halves. We've seen a couple pumpkins with this type of gimmick this year!

This Bat

Just wanted you to see its little face.

Squishable Death's Head Moth

I think this is a "squishable" brand plush, and not a Spirit Halloween original, but I thought I'd throw in the fact that our favorite goth moths are THIS popular. You'll even see a couple more moths from Spirit Halloween in our skullmoths post, and one in this year's Crazy Bonez post! Spirit is having a regular MOTH MADNESS, I tell ya! It's mothtober! Mothoween!!!