Halloween 2023: JUMPING BOO Comes Home

Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Video Here

In 2008, sixteen years before this post, I laid eyes upon The Jumping Boo on one of bogleech.com's early inspirations, I-mockery.com. The site hasn't really updated in a few years for reasons that are hard to hear, and I hope Rog is doing better wherever he may be.

I never forgot the Jumping Boo, or Rog's highly relatable delight at both the Boo itself and even its cheap packaging art. There used to be so many websites for that sort of thing. There were so many of us. Now it really seems like I'm one of the last; me and old reliable Dinodrac.

I would never see a single Jumping Boo for sale in person, and only once for sale online at an exorbitant bulk price...until Halloween Season 2023, when one reader just so happened to work at a toy shop that just so happened to receive a single rare and usual trinket said reader offered to send me by mail.

Now that you have seen the world's first and only Jumping Boo Unboxing, enjoy the following Jumping Boo observations:

-I honestly never had a good idea of the Boo's size. It is definitely around 50% larger than I expected it to be.

-It turns out the Boo's lower jaw is fully articulated, something I never noticed in Rog's video.

-In both this Boo and Rog's Boo, the hair is stuck curled around into the creature's face.

-The little skeleton arms are quite jiggly! I always assumed they would be tough plastic.

-It is very good at picking up dirt and dust. A thousand of them at once could do the job of an entire Roomba in no time!

As for who we can all thank for this pricelessly generous donation, take a moment to visit Teatime Tangents and Toys by Dmitry, which heavily features Monster High and other spooky dolls; don't miss the step by step creation of a custom Flygirl!