This rare enemy is one of my favorites, but it's one that I seldom see acknowledged and even I can find forget about from time to time, which of course is exactly what it would want! Known as "firefly flower" in Japan, which I kind of like more, this sinister creature appears at first to be a pretty little four-petaled flower, glowing blue-white; the kind of thing an unfamiliar player would assume is beneficial to investigate. But approach the flower, and it will abruptly rise up on its stalk...and keep rising.

The positively gorgeous creature is shaped like a long, dark, gnarled vine, with hundreds of thin tentacles down its sides, which become thicker and more leg-like roughly halfway down its length. From above, it ends up looking almost like a house centipede, but it's too soft and squirmy to be an arthropod. It is, of course, a type of kin, which means it may have been an Earthly animal or even a human being(!) that ascended closer to the Great Ones. Whatever it was, it now hunts like a terrestrial anglerfish, but it can also cast spells, conjuring fireballs if it needs to attack from a distance! Weirdly, when you kill this enemy, its body IMPLODES out of reality, which kind of implies every Flower we've encountered is projecting itself from elsewhere.

The "Flower" would be cool enough as just a crawling plantlike organism, but it also has a wickedly unsettling mouth; an extremely long, thin maw along the underside of its thin body, bristling with many rows of teeth. There's something I love about how far it keeps extending past the mouth, making the front end and the flower lure feel more like a comical "snout" or "trunk" to my eyes.

And you wouldn't think that thin little mouth could ever eat a full grown hunter in one bite, but don't worry; it's REALLY stretchy!

As cool as everything is in this game, I kind of feel like this is a top contender for the one I'd want as a pet, assuming I only could pick one. It's just too rad! It doesn't even need deeper lore!