Written by Jonathan Wojcik

Bogleech.com's Spooky Door Trick or Treat Quest: SPOILER WALKTHROUGH!


"Welp, the prizes for this exceedingly obtuse puzzle have all been claimed. If you still wanna play the quest on an "easier mode," here's a downloadable file of one bonus hint per monster. Otherwise, keep scrolling for the full spoiler list of every page on the site in which a monster's been hidden!

Oh yeah, and the opinions are MINE! THE MAGNIFICENT MAGGOT'S!!!"


Monster One - "Never could get a bead on this thing's deal. Weirds me out, honestly."

Monster Two - "Nice guy, little whiny but he smells good. Been smelling better than usual lately, come to think of it." -

Monster Three - "Speaking of smelling good; not my type but seems sweet. Don't get too damp around her."

Monster Four - "Makes me think of mom and dad. Prone to losing his head, but it always comes back when he takes the trash out."

Monster Five - "Word of advice: only most of it is chocolate."

Monster Six - "Terrible, tacky, gaudy decorating sense. Gaudier taste in clothes but they can't actually wear any of it."

Monster Seven - "Never hang out with this one. No concept of personal boundaries. Unless you're into what they're peddlin' I guess."

Monster Eight - "I get hungry just thinking about this one. Don't bother him with all that geek junk of yours though, he never touched a mang-guh in his life."

Monster Nine - "Man, what a crybaby. If he thinks that's weird he oughta see what they get into upstairs. Ugh."

Monster Ten - "This is around when these freakos start to get more dangerous; this one's ready to set off a Mutant Apocalypse or Dawn of the Dead or something any day now."

Monster Eleven - "I had the time of my life, personally, but if she asks you to go rock climbing, you're probably not gonna like it so much."

Monster Twelve - "The light of her flame can bring broken and discarded objects to life. Her place is a regular Pee Wee's Playhouse... but it doesn't eat AS many people."

Monster Thirteen - "Doesn't seem to mean any harm, but it also doesn't have a concept of anything else's mortality, which can get pretty dangerous."

Monster Fourteen - "Fell outta orbit one day and seemed pretty tickled by the whole ordeal. Boss says the real fun will start when it stops laughing. I don't know what she means."

Monster Fifteen - "I had one interaction with this thing. It showed me a picture of you, and we both laughed."

Monster Sixteen - "Boss says the artist forgot where your hand actually goes in this type of puppet. I don't know what that means. Sounds embarrassing."

Monster Seventeen - "Don't believe her for a second. Worst lunch break I ever had."

Monster Eighteen - Click the Dingle - "Another liar. Finish the dance and you'll be adding to its collection."

Monster Nineteen - Click Dry Bones - "If you do look at the thing in there, you're gonna trade places, but you're gonna kinda...de-hatch and un-develop."

Monster Twenty - Click Launch Octopus - "Usually invisible, but sure gets around. Why did you think you got that last random itch?"

Monster Twenty-One - Click Swalot - "This actually isn't a monster; it's a health condition your zone just hasn't caught onto yet. Maybe you should check up on old acquaintances more often, see if they're still normal."

Monster Twenty-Two - Click the Third Stirge - "You might think something that size can't get into your bedroom without you noticing, but it can actually turn into a vapor."

Monster Twenty-Three - Click on Flatwoods - "It's not necessarily the gaze that does it; it's more about the information they pass on. It's what your eyes learn from their brethren. A secret that wouldn't stay buried."

Monster Twenty-Four - Click OST - "Oddly enough, you live longer in there than you naturally would have, it's just not a good time."

Monster Twenty-Five - Click Froggit - "Really does just want to educate, but it's stuck in a reality where things work a little too different than it's used to."

Monster Twenty-Six - Click Garbagemon - "A man of refined taste! Took him a while to agree, though. A loooooooooooooooong while. I'd tell you how it happened, but then you'd weasel out of it too easy."

Monster Twenty-Seven - Click Kaluga - "When one of your kind wakes up drifting in the dark, surrounded by the things between all things, it's probably because one of these snuck up on them or even crept into their bedroom one night. Somehow sustained by feeding things to other things."

Monster Twenty-Eight - Click Sandalphon - "I don't have anything funny to say...I actually feel pretty rotten thinkin about this one. Long story, maybe you'll hear it someday."

Monster Twenty-Nine - Click Turthole - "You wouldn't understand if I explained this one, and if you could, you'd just regret it anyway."

Monster Thirty - Click Skulla - "BOSS! Well, the old boss, depending on whether you played 'Don't Get Spooked' and got the best ending. She called this a digi-volution or something like that, but then she called it a giganto-max, then she laughed and said video games were for virgins and babies."

Monster Thirty-One - Click the eye in the top right, then the first image on the secret page - "This was the first Easter Egg page ever hidden on this website, and the writer underestimated how many people were aware of this stuff. As for the monster...never seen it myself. Boss said it's simply too terrifying, even for her, so I ain't goin' near it."