Written by Jonathan Wojcik


Guest Art by Skincoats!


While the skinless centipedes sound cool, the fractured planet chained back together with meat is a thrilling enough concept that the resident creatures could be just about anything and still fairly radical.


There are so many interesting ideas here. Reptilian monsters permanently driving cars is hilarious, but their ability to fill you with snakes with their gaze is really old-school horrifying. That's actually much worse than your typical "gorgon." The way all ties together into a cohesive "life cycle" might be the most amazing part. This could easily be the star monster of its own warped comic, game or movie.

Boar V3

I have definitely had dreams like this; where a person, animal or object has these sort of strange "mechanics" like something out of a game or a puzzle, and I'm somehow aware of the "programming." A boar that keeps evolving as it exits and enters is an exceptionally good one though, and the final form it takes seems pretty amazing!

The Last Sin of Humanity

Every year there's that one dream with a profoundly epic, menacing feeling to it, and I think this is "the one" that got illustrated in 2020. Even attempting to ponder what "the last sin of humanity" could literally mean is fascinating, and especially the question of whether the eye-flower is purely a symbolic manifestation of it or a literal representation of what that sin somehow produced in some far-off future. Not to mention...is it humanity's last sin because humanity achieves some state of purity, or because it finally dies out? Somehow, both scenarios feel equally ominous; maybe people transcended the mortal realm and became perfect beings, but that final unknowable act of evil left behind this thing, somehow, all alone, possibly angry enough about it to reach through time and space in a dream?!