IT'S AMYGDALIN TIIIME!!! HELLO AMY!!!! This boss of the Nightmare Frontier is a true great one, like the Brain of Mensis, possibly not at all of human origin, though some of that anatomy sure is suspect! The creature's body is exaggerated from a human, with an elongated waist and six arms. The limbs all have at least one more joint than a human's, and the whole creature has a texture almost like rotten old wood.

A slit down Amygdala's sternum and pits in its hands glow a bright, nearly whitish yellow-orange, and its hands are mostly six-fingered.

Its most prominent charm point is its head; a big brain-shaped knob surrounded by a cage-like mesh of the Great One's gnarled, woody, bony outer tissue.

When Amy wields magic, yellowish eyeballs all pop out of the holes between this "mesh," giving a previously ominous, faceless design a goggling madness I just find absolutely precious!

Zullie gets us the closest and clearest look at those eyes we might ever get, and it's interesting how many different kinds of pupils they have! Some even have two additional pupils, like the holes of a bowling ball. Some also have thick, sleepy, cartoony eyelids too!

The strangest thing about this entity is that it's not alone, but in fact there are several other "Amygdala" around Yharnam, and they work a little differently. They're smoother-skinned, darker, they curiously have a cluster of long tentacles on their faces and their eyes don't light up. It's not clear what these different forms mean, but they seem to be considered "lesser" or "younger" Amygdala in most materials.

Whatever they are, these tentacled Amies don't actually fight you, but are environmental objects that just hang out silently on buildings, sometimes firing off rays, but completely invisible if you don't have enough insight or you haven't yet defeated Rom. What's alarming is that there are a few locations in the city where your character will suddenly levitate into the air and teleport to a different location. Once you can see them, it turns out these were Amygdala picking you up all along! Why do they just pick you up and "put you down" in another reality? Bored I guess. Silly like kitties maybe. They see you and they gotta knock you off the shelf.

It's interesting how much the Garden of Eyes actually looks like an Amygdala, if you tried to forcibly craft an Amygdala using only what you have on-hand - like a human being and a bug? Some have noted how Amygdala's eyes are usually on the inside, like we all know is the proper correct place, but those of the "Garden" are stuck on the outside. No wonder they're grumpy :'(

"Amygdala" or variant spellings can also refer to a tonsil in a few languages, and an item called the "Tonsil Stone" is what ensures you'll be teleported to Nightmare Frontier when a "lesser" Amygdala knocks you off the shelf. A tonsil stone in reality is a gross horrible spongy glob of awful smelling rubbery plaque some bacteria can form in "cryptic" (hole filled) tonsils, which seems to have nothing at all to do with the tonsil stone in bloodborne. As usual, there isn't all that much more we really know about any of the connections here, but it all implies something pretty weird. There's a little more to know about Amygdala, but, we'll get to that in another entry.