Written by Jonathan Wojcik


Guest Art by Actual Identity!

The Cannibal God

Posted by Kodak:

"This is actually the very first time I'll be sharing one of my nightmare entities. See, I don't really get nightmares anymore; as a kid I had such bad night terrors that I just no longer feel fear when I'm dreaming. Even if the person I am in the dream is afraid, it doesn't carry over.

But I get disturbed, when I wake up, like last week. It started in a setting where the character I was knew he was in a video game, was aware of the mechanics. But the game itself was kind of like Outlast mixed with Alice: The Madness Returns, with some Bioshock mixed in. The focus was to escape from this massive, impossible industrial complex hidden deep beneath the ground, and it was. Well, it was a slaughterhouse and meat processing plant. And the meat was human. Cliche, I know, but the disturbing part was how nonchalant it all was. I remember a vending machine, but instead of anything being inside it ready to be dispensed it was just so full of organs that the glass was cracking from the strain. There were deli stalls with rotten human body parts for purchase under the grimy sneeze protectors, there were conveyor belts with desiccated human cadavers on them being pulled apart by mechanical arms like the kind that put cars together.

But it was all automatic. Nobody was running it, just endless machinery. Until I escaped, and the game changed, and my character no longer knew it was a game but believed he was a god. It didn't help that the beach full of partiers he'd discovered above the entrance to the complex also thought of him as such.

So did the tribe of native peoples that the beach belonged to. Even in the dream I thought it was fucked up that the tribe of people being colonized were depicted as cannibals and savages, I have no idea what the fuck was going on with that, especially since the cannibals themselves were very nice, actually.

I was tasked with investigating the village, because the president I guess was there working on a treaty? I could become invisible and fly and phase through matter and I could "read" information on things. All in the style of video game shit, disabling visibility and noclipping and using the HUD respectively. And someone at the party asked me to go inspect the intestines I'd seen in the village, get the names of the people they used to be so I could ask the president to look for them as a warning.

I couldn't read the guts I found, so I went back down through the ground into the complex and desperately searched for something with a name. I remember finding a rusty, grimy machine with the back of an air conditioner, those thin metal slats. And from the front hung intestines and stomachs stretched out like christmas lights. I tried to read them, I remember running my hand along them and finding them dry and leathery. Eventually I gave up and went topside again.

The cannibals noticed me and they asked me to become THEIR god, and. Well, I suddenly had a book, and it told me that if I wanted to skip this part of the game I could just drink from bowls of blood around the throne they made me and they'd kick me out and it wouldn't affect the actual plot, but I wanted to see what would happen. So I got on the throne and I let them crown me.

For the first time, I could see the character my dream was focused on beyond mere vagueries. I saw him change. I was bummed that the head was changed to a different model with a weird sloped head and long low poly blond hair. But every other thing about this cannibalistic god he, or I, had become was so unrecognizable that I don't even know if I can describe it properly.

The neck and torso were indistinguishable, and there were no shoulders. Just a stretched, warped oblong torso that flattened near the "hips" and became almost tape-worm like. The arms were more just, four struts of sinew and skin and bone that had tattered membranes between them like a rotten windmill or a half decomposed bat. There were just, thin loops of skin, like banners, that connected them to the body.

The hips were like a gyroscope made of bone and skin, I can't even begin to describe the way the bones and the skin looped and whirled and connected to the exposed thigh joints of the legs, if you could even call them legs. Just four massive, crab like legs made of shiny skin that looked like half melted plastic. No feet, just fat gnarled stumps at the end.

Then I watched him eat, and saw that his warped, low poly mouth didn't even have teeth. Just sharp blocks of bone stained reddish brown, like a hydraulic press cutter. He just pulled things into his mouth with the tattered strips of skin hanging off the end of those spindly arms and cut them with his "teeth" and swallow them whole.

The thing that most upsets me is why I dreamed of this. I went to bed hungry and my stomach was rumbling as I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I wasn't hungry at all. "

It's funny how many dreams, both my own and submitted, frame themselves as "video games." I guess we just spend so much time with interactive media is all, and it must leave a strong impression on our subconscious. The description of this god being is as ecclectic and complex as a lot of dream creatures can get, and it sounds like it wasn't easy to sort it out into words. I can believe this odd sounding mish-mash of gore and parasite imagery is somehow the god manifestation of just "eating your own species," though.

Window Mouth

Posted by AngryRedPanda:

"It started out with a family sitting at a table eating spaghetti, when one of them, a young boy, noticed something weird happening in the window nearby.

The wall was shaking and cracks were forming around the window. At that moment, the glass broke and the entire window fell away, revealing an enormous grinning mouth where the window used to be.

The mouth was surrounded by a thick layer of curly brown hair, like fur or a beard I couldn't tell, and had both widely-spaced crooked teeth and a red substance smeared on it that could've either been spaghetti sauce or blood. The mouth opened and let out this creepy laugh that sounded something like the Stretch Films logo at the end of each Courage the Cowardly Dog episode, but repeating over and over again.


The boy was the only one who noticed this going on, with the rest of his family continuing to casually eat as if nothing was happening, and so the boy leapt from his chair and ran to the back deck to escape. As soon as he made it out, he noticed a group of people in black robes, similar to the kind worn by Catholic priests, standing in the yard by the deck and telling him to jump down and that they would catch him. The boy didn't trust them, and turned and ran to the steps instead. "

The dream only gives it a mouth, but I think these are exactly the kind of eyes this thing would have, and I also remember the Stretch Films logo pretty well. I always imagined it must be creepy to a lot of even younger kids; a lot of logos are. The presence of the "priests" is where this gets even more interesting, though; how would they relate to the mouth in the window? I'd love to see more of the comments on these entries speculating about the "unfinished plot points" found in almost every dream.

The Head Faerie

Posted by Actual Identity (the artist!):

"I was in a hall containing several bathrooms, like a mall might have, only bigger, with its own windows. This may or may not have been a kind of conference centre. With me was this guy who I used to sit with in class: let's call him The Boss, because that was his nickname.

I and The Boss were there to recover important documents, which were hidden in the toilets, as if we were secret agents. Unfortunately, this was not easy, for the intelligence was guarded by faeries. Evil faeries. We could see them hiding among the toilet stalls, as we peeked through the door windows into the bathrooms. But not for long. Soon, they cast a blue fog that covered them up, and then we had to trust our memories to remind us where the faeries were. As soon as the fog fell, the doors unlocked and we entered the bathroom, to see not the faeries, but the images cast by their glamour. They were using it to appear as people; but those were not natural people. They never moved, or even blinked; they just floated in the air, always facing in your direction, staring with the same pinprick-pupiled stare and smiling with the same smile, that showed more teeth than joy. Along with them floated their images; similar false humans, only entirely illusory. We had to guess who was merely an illusion, and who was a faerie; and from illusions we had nothing to fear, but if a real faerie spotted us taking the documents, the faeries would swarm upon us and devour us, prsumably alive.

We took too long to take the documents, for fear of being devoured; more and more faeries entered the main hall, each time we entered it. Soon, we had no more time to snatch the documents anymore. The faeries' meeting would soon begin, as soon as the leader and speaker came; the Head Faerie. And soon she came indeed! As soon as she appeared, the hall went quiet. She did not look like the other faeries. She had a round head, with hair that stuck out in every direction; a patched dress that covered her entire body; a pointy nose, and a jagged mouth, but with no other facial features; and claws like knives. If she discovered us, we were doomed. For now, the other faeries would think that we were faeries just like them, casting glamour; but the Head Faerie could see our true nature.

As the great hall fell silent, the faeries' meeting began, and the Head Faerie made her speech. She went on to welcome the crowd, and started to discuss faerie matters; but then she changed the subject. People who are not faeries, she said, are standing in this hall right now. They must be identified at once! They are... Well, of course, they were us. We thought that'd be our end; but the Head Faerie went on with her speech. She proceeded to introduce us to the crowd as... witches. Yes, witches, for luckily she had mistaken us for witches (or rather, "brujas" - that was the word she used), and faeries have to obey witches! So she ordered that the faeries all obey us at once, and let us have the documents. I was worried that she would soon realise her mistake, but, fortunately, the dream ended there."

It's good to know faeries are a lot more gullible than we thought they were. The whole narrative of this dream feels like a Roald Dahl story, in fact the final scenes are pretty reminiscent of some moments from The Witches! This is also a pretty radical design, I really like the thought that the leader of fairykind looks like a crude old doll, like one of those little witch dolls people used to make as kitchen decorations, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. The design also kind of feels like the bosses from the video game Stretch Panic, something I always meant to feature as a monster design review. Maybe some day!