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BOGLEECH is a creepy creature fan-site written and illustrated by monster fan, invertebrate hobbyist and web
Jonathan Wojcik. Featuring a yearly Halloween toy collecting blog, crummy artwork and cartoons,
rambling articles and even a retired archive of video game enemy graphics (below), bogleech is a silly, cluttered
amalgam of appreciation for "bugs," ghouls, kaiju, parasites and all things tentacled.
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Your online guide to the ghouls and ghosts of Japanese mythology
A weekly avalanche of monstrous artwork from around the world
Kickass monster paintings, movie reviews and lord knows what else!

Article: the top thirteen mini-ghosts of the Real Ghostbusters toy line!


Meet THE NUCKELAVEE! One of the most gruesome creatures from real-world mythology and folklore,
illustrated by over fifty contributors in the site's first mythological art gallery!

Science Article: weird mammals!

-Another new cartoon! ABYSSAL!

-New science articles: twisted reproductive acts and weird plants!

-New cartoon! It's Mekazon: Mekamorphic Monsters. Ugh. You can now leave COMMENTS on all of the
cartoons using disqus, in case you have anything to say and no Newgrounds account! I have also added
blobfish and snailfish to the second page of
deep sea creatures.

-12/27/2008 -
Merry Whatever! Have a ridiculous six pages of warped marine biology! Learn about some of
the world's strangest
cartilaginous fishes and the nightmare menagerie of the Deep Sea Abyss including
Anglers, gulpers, jellies, sea spiders, giant, pooping amoebas and more.

New science articles: Killer Crustaceans, the ultra-weird Larvaceans, and the Cephalopods have been
expanded into a
top fifteen instead of a top ten! Leave some damn comments!

-New nerdy blog thing:
My favorite Disney character...EVER.

-Friday, November 28 2008 - the "comic" has updated early; not with an actual comic, but with a series of
official unofficial pokémon. Boggle at them here, here and here. A regular comic will go up
Sunday, as promised.

-Most recent monster art:
Necroak, Harlequog, Hollowile, Quasimonia, Tentabog, Goam, Snargle,
Infestion, Golithic, and Crocoboil.
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