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Before my focus shifted entirely to my own original art and writing, a lot of my spare time was
spent (squandered) playing classic horror, fantasy and science-fiction games for the sole purpose of
collecting monster graphics. Over 3,000 creatures (and occasionally robots) can be found across the
following pages with over 6,000 individual sprites. Please visit the
main page for loads of more
original content.
The Adventures of Dr. Franken - It's Frankenstein (the doctor
here is also the monster) versus a bunch of random crap that wants
to stop him from building a wife. He only wants to be loved, you
Majyuuou - Like Castlevania with guns. It's demon-slaying fun
with fairies and full frontal nudity. Giant eyeball boss!!!
Mizuki Shigeru no Youkai Dotyuki - I don't know what the hell
is going on in this game, but I DO know what a YOUKAI is, and if
you don't, it's high time you find out...
Super Return of the Jedi - What, you don't remember that part in
the movie where Chewie battles his way through tatooine's giant,
killer lizards and centipedes?!
Gourmet Sentai Bara Yarou - The less said about this game, the
better. Come on in and hear all about it!!!
Musya - Interesting enemies and bosses (I dig those slug-people),
but I definately don't reccomend playing this game. Ever.
Gegege no Kitarou - A modest little game based on a franchise
you'd best learn about via the Gameboy Advance game...check that
out first!
Super Metroid - You wouldn't be reading this far if I had to tell
you what "Metroid" is.
This is the "super" one!!!
Demon's Crest - This "Ghouls n' Ghosts" spin-off is just too
badass for its own good. The monster designs are spectacularly
wicked, and for once, that includes the game's hero!
Super Ghouls n' Ghosts - Sir Arthur drags his polka-dot
underwear through six stages of pure hell and then has to do it all
over again for absolutely no logical reason, as usual.
King of the Monsters II - Not much in common with the classic
arcade title, but it does have a monster named "Sack Eyes"...
Ghost Sweeper Mikami - Japanese ghostbuster rides a giant cat,
whips a bunch of comical spooks and demons into submission.
Ultraman - A single page showcasing the monsters from *both*
major SNES Ultraman titles! ........  (\/)oVo(\/)  .......
Ghoul School - Widely criticized, and not entirely without reason,
but it'll always have a place in my heart...and my heart is an
Monster Party - Catch my javelin! Watch my dance! Face the
music! PLEASE DON'T PICK ON ME!!! ...Oh, sorry, I'm dead.
Abadox: the Deadly Inner War - What begins as a ripoff of
"Lifeforce" ends up one of the most gruesome shooters, ever.
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters! - It's amazing just how tedious
and dreary this game happens to be, but hey, it has GEZORA!
Godzilla features in many other games so if you like to play
slots you can play a Godzilla version. There is also Godzilla
Altered Beast - The transition from arcade to home console
significantly shrunk most of the enemies and stages, but the bosses
made it through okay. Rise from your grave!
Ghostbusters - With plenty of neat-looking ghosts, this is one of
the better
Ghostbusters games, though certainly not the best.
Mystic Defender -  Bland by today's standards, but once fairly
popular as one of the first hardcore fantasy-action games on the
Bio Hazard Battle - Hop aboard a living spaceship (I bet that
smells pretty nasty) in the war against vicious armies of flying squid.
Alien Soldier - An action-packed adventure with a baffling
storyline and an insane number of boss battles. Features a
gruesome, phallic mutant named "Sniper Honeyviper", who shoots
bees from his ass.
Draxos - There isn't much to say about this Ghouls n' Ghosts
wannabe, but you may as well check out the bosses.
Decap Attack - This originated as a completely different game,
which I don't care about, because it didn't star a headless corpse.
Ghouls n' Ghosts - A port of the one and only, original arcade
version with some updated graphics. Way better than the SNES
Beast Warrior - The monsters are worth a look, but do not, under
any circumstances, attempt to play this game.
Quiz Chikyu Bouei Gun - Question of small thing, the answering
which blasts enormous monster out of japan! Beware the wicked
Nastar Warrior - The god-awful sequel to the renowned "Rastan
Saga". Only here because some of the enemies are well-designed.
Chimera Beast - The only side-scrolling shooter that puts you
behind the jaws of a ravenous, ever-changing space monster! One
of the best games I have ever played. EVER.
Best 50 Fantasia - Battle savage mutants in a never-ending quest
for fuzzy pornography. This is another game to stay the hell away
Bubble Bobble 2 - I'm afraid this is one of my only incomplete
sprite pages, as it lacks bosses and possibly a handful of later
enemies, but you'll take what you can get and you'll like it because I
say so.
King of the Monsters - The original! Finally featuring Poison
Ghost and some other monster left out of the SNES port! I love
Metal Slug 3 - Let's hear it for one of the craziest, coolest,
ludicrously fun games ever made! My most text-heavy videogame
page, but still featuring a thorough collection of boss and enemy
Nightmare in the Dark - An obscure, very short, but surprisingly
fun horror-themed clone of
Snow Bros.
Magician Lord - This fantasy platformer has plenty of interesting
monsters, and some
classic the sound bytes!
Demikids Monsters A-N and Monsters N-Z - This
monster-hunting spin-off of the japan-only Shin Megami Tensei
games has so many monsters (over 360!!!) they had to be split into
two separate pages.
Ghoul Patrol - As it turns out, a shortened, relatively humorless
"Zombies ate my Neighbors" is
still an okay game, but just okay.
Zombies ate my Neighbors - One giant monster movie tribute,
and one of the coolest games in history. You can find many games
in an
online casino but don't expect to find this one.
Nemo - Based on a comic from times of yore. This is another rather
bare and straightforward sprite page.
Psycho Dream - A dominatrix and a musketeer fight killer fetuses
and giant insects. I love this game.
Kishin Douji Zenki: Rettou Raiden - an okay game based on a
very cliche anime/manga. It has lots of eyeballs, though!
Gegege no Kitarou: Page One (storyline and characters)
Gegege no Kitarou: Page Two (enemies and bosses)

In my opinion, one of the greatest additions to this site, ever.
The Nightmare Before Christmas: Pumpkin King - sprite-based
prequel to my all-time favorite movie, added in celebration of
Halloween in 2005!
Hyper Iria - Based on an anime and loaded with gooey, icky
mutants! Shame about the gameplay, though...
Actraiser II - it's Heaven versus Hell with titanic ants, terrified
peasants and the seven deadly sins! What more could you want?
Skyblazer - a simple, fun action game with adorable death-graphics
for practically everything!
Other Websites - sponsors and favorites
Dragon's Den - an extensive Dragon Quest fansite, including
monster graphics from across the series (remember to look under
"bestiary", rather than game-by-game!)
Mr. P's Castlevania Realm - the largest and most thorough website
ever devoted to a single game series.
RPGclassics - a collection of subsites (shrines) for numerous
console roleplaying games, many with illustrated bestiaries.
El Viento - an okay game with some surprising cameo
appearances by H.P. Lovecraft's monsters.
Earnest Evans - the prequel to El Viento has terrible controls and
only moderately interesting enemies.
Cosmo Police something something - can you believe this
beat-em-up only has FOUR enemies?!
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